Sunday, July 26, 2009

- bookstore -

This is the second day i'm in KL and tomorrow i gotta back to KB.
And so, i'm out with her to The Curve & Ikea for a walk.
Just right before we're out to there, cam-whore is a must =]

well, i love this picture
it's just b'coz she is so fair in skin tone!


this is borders bookstore located in The Curve. We stay there for hours. Hanging in the bookstore is a habit to both of us. I couldn't remember since when we both get this kind of habit. We don't purchase goods from the store, anyhow we just love to stay there, grab any interesting book and sit down for reading. We just enjoy the moment of reading together. =]

how serious is she reading the book. XD

we both share the same habit =]
heart you

- drew -

Saturday, July 25, 2009

- lil about her -

Yea, i'm back to KL once again.
Back to the past, i found that i go back to KL every month and it's quite frequent.

Just right i arrived, i meet up with my dear immediately. * miss her too much *
We have a good day. Get her favourite sushi king @ times square.

Sushi is always our best choice ever.

you & me

she is beautiful, isn't she ?

Well, after the lunch we have a walk in the mall.
If you have noticed, my dear loves to shop especially for shoes...
As she said, shoes are important to girl.
In a shop

Right after that , we head to leisure mall to grab a movie.
Hmm, we love movie as well ~~ ^^

peace peace !

holding each other

- drew -

Thursday, July 23, 2009

- black out -

Out of a sudden during class, Black out !
Well, this is a good news to all of us as we might cancel the rest of the sessions !
Anyhow, the current is back after an hour. Sigh~
Deeply disappointed !

in the class

Pojak with his trademark expression !

batchmates with captain mahnoor.

Praying hard for next BLACK OUT !

- drew -

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

- flight simulator -

Let me show your the flight simulator, okie ?

this is the room of the flight sim.

this is the cockpit.
Sorry that i couldn't take photos due to the instructor's restriction.
by the way, that is Captain Salleh, ex- B747 captain ~

- drew -

Monday, July 6, 2009

- plotting -

This is all about the day
Plotting with my instructor in the class
Freaking Bored !

Saturday, July 4, 2009

- crazy trip -

we have a secret trip tonight, make it in a sudden.
Venue : Penang
Duration : 1 day
Objective :
a.) watch Transformer
b.) take a break before CAA6 examination
c.) have some good foods
d.) lepak !

As i said, this is a secret trip. We couldn't let any others know about it especially the school. XD

At 0130, we gather in the room and the organize aka tour leader, Adli gives the short brief regards this trip.

At 0200, get all the stuffs and move on !
The route will be from kota bahru - Grik - Sungai Petani - Penang . It takes about 5hours.

Tour Leader : Adli

At 0230, stop by @ petrol station due to refueling.

Pojak , Qimie , Hafiz

Mahfuz with noob looking xD

At 0645, we manage to reach at the Toll just right before enter the Penang.

the Group


On The Penang Bridge !

At 0830 , first destination - Penang Hill
Penang Hill

Since 1923

Spot me ?!

Just Me

@ the train station,
this picture is awesome, isn't it ?


along the railway

the rusty train

yea, this is me =]

Climbing Up

In the train

Frankly i love this XD

Cool Cool ?!

Look into your eyes XD!

what's so interesting about there ?

the back !

spotting pretty over there !

the sunrise ~


how tiny are we

shot 2

Okie, Group Picture !
Nice one !


what the heck are we doing nearby the female washroom ?

fcuk !

LMAO with his evil grins look !

Is this nice ? XD !

At 1130, next destination- Gurney Plaza - Golden Screen Cinema

Gurney Plaza

Anas & Qimie

Golden Screen Cinema !

Our Objective

The Transformers is nice but i still prefer the previous which really dragged me into great interest.

At 1330, right after movie - Daytona Racing !

crap ! Crashed !

At 1425, lunch time - nasi kandar
I couldn't taste the penang's best foods such as

One of the best place for nasi kandar

looks spicy right ?!

At 1600, Penang beach- lepak !

water sport!

dedicated for my dear
drew loves steph

shoot 1

shoot 2

shoot 3
whose foot !!?

faez & Mahfuz

am wondering why must coconut tree along the beach but not others ?

this could be the best drink ever during sunny day !

with companion of this, of course

nice jump !

At 1730, massage session- greatest relaxation

fish spa

At 2000, on the way home - lost in direction for 2 hours !! Heck !!

dying in exhaustion

This could be a great trip and of course now, be prepared for the CAA6 examination !
Work hard - Work smart !

- drew -