Monday, September 28, 2009

- bukit tinggi, jusco -

Well, i will off to kelantan again tomorrow and so spend my day with my beloved. We go to the jusco @ bukit tinggi, klang. Claimed that it's the largest Jusco in M'sia, well i have doubt about it. This is the very first time been there. Yea, it seems quite huge in term of the building's size but interior, couldn't sense any different with other Jusco as the shops are the same but just in larger size. Anyhow, we been there for a walk as well as get some good foods for dinner.

the queen of my heart

hand-shaking XD!

smile ~

you and me


Friday, September 25, 2009

- the girlfriend -

Frankly, i couldn't get any idea of the title of this post. Should i name it as "shopping again x 3" ? Oh well, it's pretty lame in fact. So " the girlfriend " is should be better of all. XD
Credits to the left budget, we're out again, OneU. As usually, camwhore like nobody's business. I love to take the picture of the girlfriend. She conquers the boyfriend's heart and of course, the camera as well. =] Let's see what i get for the day ~

looking where ?
Please look at the bag and the shirt, these were the birthday presents from me, what we've got from previous post shopping session.

searching for the good stuffs.

the smile that kills my heart, my soul

the boyfriend, the girlfriend.

Pretty love this picture =]

Right after the shopping, the girlfriend screams for dessert and so we head to kepong, as there's a pretty good dessert shop, hmm... i should say, a hawker/stall. Oh well, credits to Alex, the friend of girlfriend for leading us to there.

the hawker.
wondering why there's a giant tree right at the

the good foods
that "siu mai" costs me RM8 ! heck !

how colourful is it.
it's not that nice in fact.

the dessert of the day!!
strongly recommend !
it's just RM5.50
worth of it

the girlfriend


Thursday, September 24, 2009

- First date with my niece -

The day with my siblings and of course, my niece. XD . In the early morning, we're out for some serious stuffs. Off to banks, offices and well by the afternoon, manage to squeeze off spare times for shopping @ Times Square. I couldn't grab any other photos except for my niece. She's freaking attractive to my camera and this is all about her. =]

She's so adorable ~~
the way she looks at you.

the way she stares.

the way she poses

how adorable she is in the hug.

- am thinking of get a baby as well ?

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

- bangsar boutiques -

Yeap~as i said from the previous post, the girlfriend and boyfriend are going out again for present spot ! But just right before that, we meet up with my friends for singing session @ greenbox-sungai wang. It has been a damn long time i didn't sing, oh the girlfriend as well. The session is 11pm. Hell, don't you think that's kinda early? Frankly, i'm still stuck in the sleeping mood. How blissful if there was a bed in the K-room ~ Lma0. Credits to my sleeping mood, i couldn't get any photo of that time. Oh well, let's get into the shopping session. I manage to pull that yanny goh along with us as she is quite down in mood after the singing session due to *** reason. I'm so generous to let a spot light sparkling in between the couple. Lma0.
As i know, Bangsar is sort of place with pretty lot of the boutiques. So that's why i bring them go there.

don't you think the picture is in the blue ?!

how cute is the girlfriend!!

the match-est couple !!

the tired girlfriend is waiting for the pan-mee..

Oh yea, the girlfriend successfully get the bag throughout the shopping. Anyhow, there's still a budget for her. The girlfriend claims to shopping again and the boyfriend says: oh yes! of course!


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

- searching -

Yea, we're out for shopping again. Shopping is sort of the only activity we do always. XD . This is going to become our the only profession duty. The main point of it for today is to get my baby the birthday present. Oh well, as in the girlfriend is quite choosy in term of fashion/ trend and the boyfriend not really want to spoil her birthday by getting something that might pull down her mood. So, the boyfriend tends to offer the budget for the girlfriend to buy whatever she likes.

Actually i felt kinda un-sincere through this way, but since she wants it, just obey ~ We head to sunway piramid but the time we out is about 8pm and so it's kinda late. Hmm... we're so rush and the girlfriend couldn't get anything she likes but just merely buy a pretty simple shirt. Well, we will out again tomorrow =]

could you see the dusts on the screen ?
definitely this is not my laptop ~

looking for a nice bag

-i'm tired-
- drew -

Sunday, September 20, 2009

- my sister aka mother -

Yea, if you merely remember the previous post. I did mention about my niece, however i couldn't get you her mother's picture. So I would like to get it up-to-date. My sister, my niece's mother- Samantha Teh~~
how lovely is this picture
The way cheryl looks at her mother.

- blessing to my sister and her lovely family

- drew -

Friday, September 18, 2009

- CAA 6 -

Oh well, kindly to inform that my CAA6 is done !! Hoooreyy ~~ Special thanks to every instructors and fellow friends that helped me during this toughest period. Anyhow, to my batchmate, we're totally free of the examination for this moment and let's get rid of the stress and enjoy the raya ~

Okie, a bit of the examination. Well, the CAA6 examination is the toughest exam throughout the whole course and it's definitely very important and might affect your future. CAA6 contains of 6 papers which are the Navigation , Instrument, Radi0 Aids, Flight Planning, Meteorology Theory, and Meteorology Practical. Anyhow, there is only 2 days for the whole examination whereby 3 papers each day. So what do i think of my performance for this examination ? Hmm, pretty good in fact. I manage to complete the papers confidently exceptional to Radio Aids, kindly scare of it. Hopefully i don't screw the paper off. =]

Once again, Happy Holiday and Selamat Hari Raya =]

- drew -

Saturday, September 12, 2009

- buka puasa -

A special dinner with our greatest instructors, capt. Thalji and capt. Mahnoor. Both them are great. Needless to say that i have learn a lot of things from them. Since they put a lot of effort in teaching us, so we invite them for the dinner tonight. =]

First of all, we gotta prepare all the foods starting from 5pm. For your information, we make the food by own-selves. =] Of course, i'm involved in the cooking as well . Now only i know that i can cook as well. XD


adik, frying the mee

epong & abg


curry chicken !!

what should i call this as??

the foods =]

dinner time

the guests

with pojak !

a group of us =]

i'm freaking bloat !

- drew -