Thursday, December 31, 2009

- Countdown -

I guess everyone was having new year celebration, should have fun right? If you ask what about me? I had nothing to do yesterday, nor out for celebration but just rottening @ home , enjoying the flight over Korea! XD what i mean was the flight simulator XD
This would be my countdown celebration yesterday, damn bored right? What to do, I'm stucked in kelantan and today gotta fly some more. Heck!! Gotta sleep early lar weih.
What a boring life in kelantan. I miss the fireworks, the laughters, sprays and music in KL. Orh shittt, i want go back weih ! Sigh...

I was playing this whole night yesterday... Sigh!

don't fuck up the landing!

happy new year =]

- review of 2009 & resolution of 2010 -

Hi folks, it's been awhile i didn't update it. Frankly, i'm out of ideas to blog XD Hardly to wait for this New Year Eve just to share my review & resolution. By the way, this would be the article without photos ! XD Please bear with it XD

Let's get started with review for the past 12months.
2009 is the year whereby a lot of changes have happened to me and I gotta list it out XD

1. My first time stay far apart from my sweet home.
2. The beginning as an aviator's life. Cool~ I enjoyed the studies & of course the flying!
3. Well, I met with my beloved 07April2009 ! Thanks for being with me though this would be tough long distance relationship, thanks & i love you =]
4. My sister get married and gave birth. Hence, i'm an uncle now! wtf!!
5. Definitely, became much more independent b'coz i'm staying alone. Everything i gotta work it myself. NO MORE PAMPERS ! XD
6. My 21st birthday was the lame-est with the instant cup mee & a cup of teh ais. Orh yea, a piece of sushi as well. Lameeee... By the way, it reminds me , my birthday is coming soon too... 5Jan2010 and will it be the same as 2009 ? OMG ! XD
7. I have gained tonnes of knowledges and experiences the most in my life. It brighten my life and widen my sight! I have come across a lot of new stuffs. Cool ! I love it !
8. I have traveled the most in 2009 ! Mostly Kelantan-KL. By bus,train,car,& flight! OMG!
9. I was sick lots in 2009. wtf ! Orh yea, thanks to Mr. Charlie for leaving his traces over my body . wtf!!
10. I was FUCKING poor in 2009 !!!!!!!!!!!!! wtf

Now, the resolution of brand new year,2010~~
Inevitably, every single bad thing in 2009 will be better, i hope XD

1. First thing ever, I wanna be richer~~ XD
2. Get my pilot license and get rid of the kelantan, gone crazy with this farktard dead town!
3. Get the offer, pass the interview, pass the tests, and start to work in airline. Everything must go smoothly!!!!
4. Be with my dear happily XD Please bear with me for another half year XD
5. Be healthier ~weih! I don't want to eat any medicine in 2010 !
6. Gain more knowledge & experience and enjoy the flying XD * Don't ever fuck up the landing * XD
7. Get my own DSLR ! wowww~ can i ??
8. I wanna travel more and moreeeee~~
9. Make more friends ! XD
10. May all my wishes be granted ! XD this will be the most important resolution!!

okie, done! I will read back this post on 31dec2010, just to check on myself ~ Hopefully the 2010 will be the pretty good year!! much more better than now XD!

HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P/s : I will rottening in my room, celebrate the new year eve on my own ~ this is sux , gosh!

Friday, December 25, 2009

- merry Christmas! -

Dear readers,

Merry Christmas !!

and happy new year...... =]
p/s: will update soon after the Christmas! stay tuned ! Hoohooo

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

- the mutant cat -

Yesterday, i had get into a weird thing during lunch time. It is what i really wanna share with you guys. I bumped into a mutant cat ! XD It was so special compare to the ordinary. I wonder what happened to it in past. Hmmm... I guessed it has special eye ! something like robot eye? XD wait wait~ let me show you the photo~ neh ! Orh yea!! It's definitely not photoshop or edited ! XD Trust me, it's real!

meowww~ don't ever mess with me!! meoowwww!!

It is cool right?! Omg ! Maybe it has special power or something else XD

enjoy =]

Monday, December 21, 2009

- house warming party!! -

hey peeps ! i'm here again XD last weekend just attended my friend, kamwei's house warming party. He just moved into new house, pretty awesome somehow XD I didn't really take any photos of his house b'coz he made the party as like club and i have no time to take photos but just enjoy the music and drink ! XD. Opps, did i say i drink ? =]

Yea, we drink ! XD


Opps, this should be sensored ! XD
by the way, this is the house owner, kamwei XD


Sunday, December 20, 2009

- shopping spreeeee -

Hey peeps, now finally i'm gonna update it XD sorry for waiting.
Yea, as you know last week i went back to KL out of the sudden. Basically nothing much to do but just shopping, accompany the girlfriend and attended my friend's house warming party. Currently kinda hard to get the sorties as in everyday bad weather that screw me up real ! Okie, back to the topic for the first day i was in KL last weekend. I fetched the girlfriend in morning and shopped till night, of course she was the one who shops but not me XD Usually I take a lot of her photos while shopping if you notice from old posts and so this would be the same thing XD. Well, she is too suitable to be my model XD

this is the modern minnie mouse! XD

cool ?

artist !!

nah, i tell you! she is mine XD

boyfriend . girlfriend

Orh yea, while shopping in OneUtama, coincidently bumped into the Christmas events. The orchestra was presenting christmas songs! Pretttttty awesome!!

jingle bell !! jingle bell!!

as well as this singer! XD she definitely has nice voice! but i don't know who is she~ how bad XD

Hereby, i wish you guys happy "HoHo" in advance !! XD

Saturday, December 19, 2009

- yuuuhooo I'm back ! -

Hi peeps, sorry that i was being M.I.A for few days ago. I went back to KL out of a sudden! XD So, the following posts would be KL thingy. I will try to update all the posts as soon as possible, stay tuned okie? =]
A lil short update about me myself. Do you guys still remember my CAA2 examination? I've just got my result ! XD

I'm not really satisfied with the PERFORMANCE A and actually i can score it 100% but due to the silly mistake that i did and so.... wtf!
Anyways, no matter how i passed all the examinations in ground school by ONE go!
*ONE go* means that passed all the examinations from beginning until the end without re-sit.


Okie, stay tuned for next post okie ? =] ciaoz!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

- weih! i'm back to flying ! -

what a cloudy day!!

Folks, as i promised to you, I'll share with you what had happened to me yesterday. As you can see, i'm back to flying stage after a pretty long break due to ground school study! Frankly speaking, i barely remember all the techniques and checklists. Phewww, and so i gotta prepare myself by memorizing the checklists, read back the books.
Get back to yesterday, my very first time flying after break. My sortie was at 12o'clock, I suppose. Due to school rules, i've gotta reach at hangar by 7am for morning briefing. So, while was waiting for the sortie, of course better to prepare myself in better way.
The thing wasn't lucky that about 11o'clock, the weather approached in a sudden ! This was freaking me out, weih ! Inevitably, i couldn't continue with my sortie in this kind of weather! Well, gotta delayed, praying hard for it and fortunately, my prayers did work ! Around 1p.m, the weather gone in a sudden, thanks god! But wait, the story never end here! Meteorology report ( METAR ) came with a bad news, low cloud base!!!! Weih, with this kind of weather, hardly to do my sortie. Again, my sortie had been delayed.
I was waiting like a wild boar for a whole day until 5p.m! "fuck weih!" was the thing i repeated nonstop for whole day ! Fuck weih!
Hmm, right at 5p.m, finally I managed to get abroad the plane with my instructor, Captain Rizal! He was from AirForce, old days and so he had a great experience in flying. This was the very first time i flew with him, i suppose. The sortie was so great with him, i learned alot from him, in fact. With him, I managed to do all the things on my own. We shared a lot of stories, chitchat while flying, instead of making the atmosphere under pressure. XD. Somehow, he demonstrated some aerobatic skills such as loop, stall turn and etc! Phewww! I bet the roller coaster was a piece of cake compared to it. I felt the negative G-force right to maximumwhile doing 180degrees dive into the ground!! Couldn't even move my hands, my gut was like jumping out from body! XD Great experience ever ! I want it againnnnnn, please! XD

I took some photos yesterday as promise. Okie, let me show you now.

this is the flight schedule board!
computerized weih!!

was raining @ 11pm as i told u just now, sigh!

Orh yea, i forgot to show you the aircraft that i'm flying currently right ?!
Yea, this is my babe, Eagle 150B! I'll share with you about my babe's behaviour next time okie? XD

Eagle 150B

jeng jeng!! my baby !!

side view, weih! she's cute, isn't she?!

the interior, cockpit!

this is the tailplane. you can see 9M-BDZ.
it's the registration number, same as like the car number plate
we read it as, niner Mike-Bravo Delta Zulu. (aviation term)

you better pray to God that this thing works always. This is ELT.
If you crashed, touch wood this thing will alert the tower and rescue team to save you !

my baby and i XD

this booklet must be with you always! You have to memorize it as well, weih!

Before get aboard, you have to do the inspection over the plane to make sure everything's okie and safe.

i was checking the rudder.

checking the fuel whether has been contaminated or not.

somehow i love this photo, thanks to saiful who took it while i was doing the inspections

checking checkingggggggg

checking the flap, as you can see, the checklist always be with me XD!

what's the next ?! Fly la weih!!
I have control !
jeng jeng!!!!


Monday, December 14, 2009

- preview of next post -

hey peeps ! I'm so sorry for i couldn't update the blog as i've promised. I just got back from flying and extremely tired. Pheww... I will update it right by tomorrow! XD A lil update about today, i have been waiting from 7am until 5pm for the flight training!! Omfg ! Mentally disorder due to waiting! Anyhow, i enjoyed with the flying today, especially with the aerobatic demonstration, looping, stall turn and etc. I will share more about my flight in the next post. No worries!! what you have to do is ... please stay tuned !! XD thankiu !! Here i upload one of the photos for today. More photos tomorrow ~~

my lil pretty babe and i

Stay tuned !!


Sunday, December 13, 2009

- Phewww! Sorties've been cancelled!! -

This morning I should go for flying sorties, I suppose. Due to something happens, my sorties have been cancelled and postponed to tomorrow. Sigh, I've gotta wait again. Oh yea, for your information, I'm back to kota bharu, kelantan. My holiday is over and i've gotta back to my training school to clock my flying hours. Yea, if you guys visit my blog often, I finished all the ground papers already, meaning that now I just have to clock 200 flying hours and graduate ! XD
Well well, I've to memorize my checklist for tomorrow. Oh yea, if i manage to get the photos, I'll post more about my flying stage. By the way, I'll be back to KL again for Christmas ! Hallelujah!! XD



Friday, December 11, 2009

- LMAO!! -

Hey folks, wana share some jokes with you. I've got this from my friend. Well, she managed to make me laughed my ass off ! XD I don't know whether you guys have seen this before or not. Anyways, hope it can delight your day as i do. XD!! Read it !!

# 1
Husband climbs on the bed naked.
Wife: I have a headache.
Husband: Good! I have powdered it with aspirin.
U want to take it orally or as an injection.

# 2
Three fastest means of communication:
1. Telephone
2. Television
3. Tell-a-woman

# 3
One day, DUREX complained to KOTEX: ' Every time u work, I gotta 7 days off!'
KOTEX retorted: 'Whenever u make a mistake during work, I gotta take 9 months leave'.

# 4
A man called his 4th wife - Baby doll,
3rd wife - China doll,
2nd wife - Barbie doll &
1st wife - Guess What ?
- Panadol

# 5
Man admiring his naked body in the mirror says
to wife: 'Look at that 75 kg of pure dynamite'.
Wife replies: 'It is a shame though about the 2 inches fuse'.

# 6
Friends are like underwear, always near you.
Good friends are like condoms, always protecting you.
Best friends are like Viagra, lift you up when you are down.

# 7
Man tell MP:
My son's a drug addict, my daughte's a prostitute, and my wife's a gambler.
MP: Isn't there anything positive in your family?
Man: Yes, I am HIV positive.

# 8
What is common between a wife and a private swimming pool??
A nswer: The cost of maintenance is too high
compared to the time you spend inside them!!!

# 9
Naked girl boarded a taxi. Driver stared.
Girl scolded him, 'Never seen a naked girl before?
Driver replied 'Yes! Seen many before but wondering
where you keep your money to pay taxi fare.'

-Do these make you laugh ? Please comment ! XD

Thursday, December 10, 2009

- It's our 8th month-versary!! -

Peeps, few days ago was the girlfriend and me 8th month-versary ! XD Again, we've got through another month, successfully ! Pheww.. Frankly speaking, we always have a lot of arguments, just even for mirror thingy. Anyhow, we still manage to overcome it, pheww! Nothing much about the celebration actually but just brought her to "Naili's Place" for dinner. To me, it was a nice dining restaurant. Basically it was outdoor, some sort of special compare to normal restaurant. Hereby, i would like to post a review on it. For your information, I used to post a review on it before. Please click here.

Naili's Place

the decoration is superb nice and romantic as well. I bet it's a nice place for you to date ! XD

well, it's a boat actually XD

if you don't really like the outdoor, you can get the indoor

the lighting is so nice, huh?


they even have D.J . You can dedicate a song for your beloved one.

the girlfriend.

the boyfriend.

you and me XD

sorry for the poor quality of the photos. =[ I wonder what happen to my camera at night. It gives me pretty bad quality photos. Argh!

Anyways, here's a message for my beloved.
Happy 8th month-versary and i love you forever and ever ! muackz ! XD


Sunday, December 6, 2009

- Pikom PC Fair III 2009 -

Whenever you come across with this topic, I bet usually is about photographs of the models, right? Sorry to disappoint you that i'm not the "peep-like" model stalker or trying to show how pro is my shooting technique. XD
What do I want to share about is just the working experience over there. Yea, i worked for the PC fair. Well, this is not the very first time for me to work over there, it's the good way to earn pocket money! Of course, don't ever try to compare with the models. Their pays are much more higher! *envy* .
As you know the PC fair was from 4th Dec until 6th Dec. Working over there is such a hectic and tiring job. Yea, you might necessary to skip your meals just for the works. And so which company that i worked for ? Hewlett Packard , HP !! Though, the pay is not very high, but is a good thing to work together with friends.

okie, this is the booth, in ballroom.

People bargain!

this fella is a doctor in future ! Opps, a dentist suppose. XD

our elf-like uniform XD Or should i say CNY trend ?! wtf

we always name him as mickey mouse, XD Does he really look like ?

can you see the crowd?! wtf!

that's all for the 3days . Sorry for no model photos . XD!!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

- she's so adorable!! -

It would be a pretty short update on my niece, cheryl . Currently she's 4months old. what i could say is she's getting pretty and cute, of course funny as well. XD!





She's so cute, isn't she ?! XD