Thursday, January 29, 2009

- back to skol -

after the holiday, it's the time back to kota bahru.. Hmm, gotta ready myself to study back. We plan to back to Kota bahru by car about 8.30pm but due to something, our plan has delayed to 10.30pm. Meaning that , once we reach at kota bahru gotta straight away go to school. Hectic man.. we are really in rush, gotta speed up, use the shortcut which is damn creepy. Oh yeah, we summoned by police as well. Aihzz... We manage to reach at kota bahru abt 5.30am, take half an hour rest 6am get ready to school...

our vehicle

don't smoke too much la!

de pathway

this is what we do during claz..
damn tiring


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

- spreeee -

First of all, i should be feel so so so sorry for this morning.. dah insaf ni, sorry for being late. It's my fault. Don't angry okie ? pleaseeeee...

Today date with steph again before i ciao back to KB tonight. As i gotta go back to KB tonight, so we gotta go out earlier. we're heading to OneUtama for shopping but unlucky lot of shops closed due to CNY and because of me, ruin up her mood for shopping.. lolz.. sorry lar aiyor..

We shop for quite long but cant get anything. my goodness.. Nothing out there can really catch our sights. Aiks...

1 U CNY decoration

nice decoration

we have our lunch @ Sakae sushi... lolx.. i simply love sushi ~

she is hunting for her sushi


Gotta send her home earlier because i gotta go home to pack my stuffs... we do have next time right ? ^^

sorry for today,
i know " sorry no cure"
i know what to do lar...


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

- cousins' night -

Just overnight @ hometown for a day, and today is "chor 1" . The very 1st day of CNY . After dinner @ hometown, get back to KL @ night. we, cousins plan to get a movie tonight. " Red Cliff Part 2 " , the movie that we wana watch . It's a nice movie. The strategies, scenes, storyline are just nice. By the way, my cousin is so generous !! He treats us baskin robin ~ HOHO !! THANK YOU VERY MUCH .....

baskin robin

kuan nam
chien fui
- the generous cousin -

P/s :
it's a good day to be with you guys...
keep in on !


Monday, January 26, 2009

- happy chinese new year -

Later on, i'm going back to hometown with my mum and an incident has happened, erm... yea, it ruins my mood but i still manage to get rid of it. ^^ Well, should be happy during the CNY right? Quite a long time never gather with my relatives, especially grandparent. My grandpa's condition is getting worse. hmm.... it's awful. My new year wishes : grandpa get well soon


- dim sum 's day -

Early in the morning, plan to have dim sum with friends. About 8 persons of us heading to Taman Connaught. I miss dim sum so much.... it's quite a long time never eat dim sum.

dim sum

mr. cheah

mr. dexter
- aside of him, his gf -

we eat A LOT !


Sunday, January 25, 2009

- crazy are we -

And finally, we manage to go out for a date after lot of obstacles. LOlx.. Fetch her up by evening and we're heading to Times Square. She "merajuk" for shopping for quite a long time. Haha... and we make it tonight although just shop for a short while and she manages to get a shirt and jacket. lolz.. by the way, her name is steph.


we have our dinner @ VIVO located @ the Ground floor TS. Overall the foods are average but she claims that the meatball is sux... haha~ i have no idea.


yours . mine

meatball spaghetti

hawaii pizza

after dinner, we get into the cinema for movie, " They Wait" . Someone is scare of horror movie than me ~ lalala... After the movie, is about 11pm and we make another turn, next movie, " All's well, End's well 2009 " @ 11.50pm.. lolz!! we're mad. After movie, send her home, by 3am get home.. tiring but a wonderful day !

remember the february ler..
looking forward for it.

- family outing -

A good day to shopping, my mum and sister plan to shop with me this afternoon, of cause need me as the driver. =.='' At very first we plan to IKANO but we change our mind, to MidValley. Of cause everywhere now is so happening due to the Chinese New Year Festival. Promotions ~ Decoration ~ Atmospheres ~ make me getting excited.


sohpoh sister

in red

Going out shopping with someone else later
can't wait for it



- i got ma watch -

Finally i get my watch !! Special thank to my daddy. Last night when we had the dinner, had some chats, i said that i do need a watch. By the next day, this morning he wakes me up and give me a box. I open up the box, Oh my God !! A brand new watch ! casio branded. Argghh~ It's just nice !! it costs about RM300 plus if not mistaken... LOLX! i love my dad so much !! Besides that, he gives me another RM400 as pocket money ~ hoho... my lucky day..

my good day


Saturday, January 24, 2009

- steamboat buffet wit family -

It's about month that not dine with my family, by the day i arrive @ KL , mum warns me not to go out at night because we're going to have a dinner- steamboat buffet @ ampang. Hohoho~

mum & sister

tomorrow goin to shopping lu ~
it has been long time not to shopping


- back to KL / road trip -

Hohoho~~~ i'm going back to KL !! this is a sudden decision as we manage to get the holiday at the very last minute. im damn exciting for this trip, no longer to stay alone for CNY. My batch, most of us go back to KL and as in last minute, we couldn't get the cheap flight tickets, in turn we get an alternative way, drive back to kl. HOHO !! it takes about 8 hours journey. About 10 of us, 3 cars, start the engine at 10pm sth, drive back to kl in the morning ~

our vehicles

my captain

Along the trip, we stop by for few times, rest and get something to eat. while we arrive the Gua Musang. we stop at the mamak there and have a supper..

m3 in car

the long journey

back at home by 8.45am early morning
- tiring-