Sunday, May 31, 2009

- oblong steak -

kinda long time never talk about food in this blog, right?
Well, for this post i would like to introduce you guys the famous steak in kelantan. It doesn't highclass as the restaurant. It doesn't expensive as outside.But, it's superb delicious !
you can get it @ burger stall in kota bharu. It is called as OBLONG STEAK !

It is simple. A piece of meat with some french fries, mayonnaise on the vege and with a bun.
it costs you RM3.50 only !!! LOL ... so cheap !!

Oh yea, by the way before we reach @ the burger stall, we bumped into an incident. ERk kereta tarak petrol. =.=' we have to walk for a long distance to get the petrol and back to the car.

filling the petrol

with plastic bag !
what a creative dude !


Thursday, May 28, 2009

- my background picture -

Is my lappy's background picture so nice ? ngek ngek ngek
comment pls~


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

- erk ! charlie again !! -

Erk, i don't know how many fcuking times i have mentioned about the insect, charlie in my blog ! and it happens again ! WTF !! and this time even serious as my both legs and hands bitten by it. Fcuking lot of scars over my body skin ! I have complain again and again but the management couldn't solve the problem! I'm getting fed up of it. =.='

This is my current condition.

it ruins my mood !


Monday, May 11, 2009

- ciaozz -

Holiday ends. I gotta go back to kelantan by tonight. I'm sorry to my dear that i couldn't accompany you always. Please forgive me and bear with me for the time being.



Sunday, May 10, 2009

- lovely day -

Hey guys, yea i'm dating with my dear again. lol wut ?
Well, it's necessary to accompany my dear as i'm in KL, right ?
the only bad thing happen is i couldn't attend yanny's birthday party on the right time. I'M SUPERB LATE ~! lolx, and why ?
Mother's day is coming real soon and i gotta have dinner with my family by tonight and so, i'm late for her party. im sorry lorrrrrrrrrr~

Let's pictures speak for the day.

drew & steph

having her delicious cake @ secret recipe.

she is adorable, isn't she ? ^^

sexy babe ^^

in the mirror again LOLX!!

After dinner with family, i rush to yanny's house with dear. What a rush ! anyhow, i'm able to make it, @ 11.30pm HAHA!!! everyone's gone, ERK and we go for yumcha session @ station one.

picture taken @ station one
dear likes it

picture that i stole from yanny's facebook,
photos in her burfday party
so sexy ~ lolx



Friday, May 8, 2009

- offical dating -

This will be the official dating with my dear for very first time. Where do we go ?
sunway pyramid actually. She loves to stay at home, not outing often and maybe this is answer you why she's so fair in skin tone. LOL
As today is our first month anniversary, we shall celebrate it right ? I have plan to get something for her today but due to some technical errors, at last i just only can get her a card. But it's still a lovely day ^^
the card

the words

tada !!
this is stephanie yong aka dear

she is cute, isn't she ?


ERK !! censor !!
she does this in the popular

we're in the mirror ^^

We have shop for the whole day, wow ~~
we enjoy it so much yet we're tired.
looking for tomorrow ^^

goodbye sunway pyramid

FYI, this is the cap which given by my dear as the anniversary present.
and i love it so much
thx, dear

i "heart" you


Thursday, May 7, 2009

- kl ? again !! -

waiting in the departure hall.... boring

Everybody, i'm back again ! lolx...
Frankly this time will be even more happier than usual but why ?
i'm going to date with my dear, keke
Oh yea, FYI, i'm no longer single since last month 7.4.2009. and i think most of you know who is she as she appeared in my blog quite often. LOL, yea that's right! she is ms yong, stephanie yong.
As i mentioned, we're together since 7th of april. So, tomorrow is our first month anniversary. and i'm coming back to KL by flight at 8.30pm but due to weather and delay, my flight becomes 10:15pm. ERK ! I have planned to give her a surprise by tonight before 12:00am actually. I planned to buy pizza, then deliver to her house and give her a surprise as she thought i will meet her tomorrow. Since now i couldn't buy pizza for her and make it before 12:00am, i gotta change the plan, yea mcD ! 24hours ON ! lolx

Once i arrive, i tell my dear that i'm going back home from airport instead of actually i'm heading to her house with my lovely mcD. She is surprised once i tell her that i'm at outside of her house.

her beloved McChicken

she is so shy ~ lol

happy together


Monday, May 4, 2009

- i'm studying -

What a lovely evening, i wake up @ 2pm something, yea kinda late. Get my butt off from the bed and study ! Is the exam around the corner ? Nope actually, indeed i gotta do my revision starting from now before it's too late. It's totally different with the past, which i will work hard at the last minute before the examination. I AM CHANGED ^^
Well, it's compulsory indeed. The fee is fcuking expensive and i couldn't afford to fail the examination, i gotta pass in one GO ! EVERYONE BLESSES ME !


Sunday, May 3, 2009

- BBQ party -

Supposingly we gonna have a BBQ party due to our shifting. Unfortunately, the shifting has been cancelled but anyhow the BBQ party is still ON !! As we had planned it for quite long. Firstly we plan to make it besides the swimming pool in our condominium but it's troublesome, so at last we're back to the waterfall, jeram linang. FYI, today is holiday ~ ^^

Early in the morning, we pack up all the stuffs and head to the destination in 3 cars. It's exciting.



time check !


After an hour travel, we arrive there ~ ^^ Is good to back to the waterfall, such peaceful and nature.

this is the very first picture had taken once reached.

We're looking for the good geographical strategy place to held our camp, party. Well, actually not just my gang who organizes BBQ party over there but others do as well. LOL , that is crowded ! Eventually, we found the right place, just besides the river, the waterfall.

setting up
thx buddy

the need
blacky coal

the foods
wuuuu ~~ ayam ayam
i'm full of zest on it ^^

Let's have some naturally photography while my buddies are preparing the things ~ ^^ ( aku curi tulang.. ngek ngek )

how natural am i

yea, is me again ^^

ERK =.='

i'm not gay actually, but what about epong ?

zal and me,
he just back from water.

the gang in the water
i got into the water as well b'coz i remember to bring extra clothes for this time ^^

lol me again lol

Okie, time to back to ground as the fire was set up. Everything is okie.

WOW !!
we got fire ~ finally
it's the time for BBQ

ayam ayam ~

do you feel hungry ? ^^

ERK, should censor this picture
it kills the appetite !

nas , jak , cab

s'masa makan, pun nak main =.=''


candid shot...

we have some photoshops as well .... ^^

take one

take two

take three

take four... ERK ?!

this is the man ^^


Is time to go back, but unfortunately our car's tyre "pancit" !! ERK..... so we gotta change the tyre. Anyhow, we have fun on it as well ^^

the tyre

working hard on it

the car owner

having fun with the tyre !! LOLX

~ picture picture ~

look @ epong's hand!! Rugilah bert

an accident happened which make the traffic jammed !

We're back finally. What a tiring day but we enjoy of it so much ! Gathering is coming again and again !! STAY TUNED !