Tuesday, December 30, 2008

- flying back to KB -

Aiks, it's the time to say good bye again to my lovely KL. My flight to KB is tonight 9.30pm. After hung out with my fren, once get home gotta pack up my stuffs. Then, have dinner with parent at outside. Tell you what, i nearly late for the flight ! damnit... it's because of the low effeciency of the restaurant. argh.... After the dinner, i ask for the car key from dad. i drove average 140km/j to the airport !! damn rush ~ but lucky i manage to get there on time. it's bad weather and isn't a good flight due to the turbulances.. Anyways, i'm still safe arrive @ Kota Bahru. For these few days, i enjoyed alot. Hanging out with my friends, shopping, party, movie... Cool~ i cherish every moment in KL . THank you guys for acc me ~ i will miss u all alot ~ see you in February ~

* i gotta back to training ... T.T *


- yes man -

Goin out with some 1 to One Utama, we have the movie and zanmai sushi as lunch. Seriously, i ate alot of sushi in KL ~ hohoho... it's irresistible ! we watch "yes man" and i would like to recommend it to all of you. It's just nice. Other than the comedy, it brings out the values of life.

* Don't know why i just take the pictures of sushi ~ *
i'm falling in love with it

One Utama christmas decoration

Do take care of yourself..
stay happily

* i'm goin back to KB tonite ~ sob..
i miss KL


Monday, December 29, 2008

- hoho genting again ! -

Tonight, we plan to genting ~ It has been quite a long time never get up to there. I miss the wind breeze, i miss the coffee there, i miss the scenery. So my gang and i get up there tonight. HOHO !! we start the engine by 10pm, while on the way, drive-thru buy mcD. Arrive there by 11.30pm.
Tonight... ermm.... ain't the good time. Just right after the rain, so, Heavy Fog up there, strong wind with 140Knots... haha~ kidding... but seriously, strong wind, it can blow u away ! NO JOKES!!

heavy fog

my gang

i'm lovin it

he is freezing....

amusement park

silent road

casino !!
i can get in soon ~~

coffee bean

so coldddd~~

he is sleeping... ssshh...

emo-ing ?

we hanging there till morning 4am !!
we chat alot ...
our future..

it's a nice conversation


- mommy's day -

Wow, i tell u wad... today i just accompany my mom to shop ! I'm such a good son ( actually i'm de one who wana shopping ) We go to IKANO & de Curve as well, actually i'm looking for my t-shirt. I saw the t-shirt last day in midvalley but out of stocks, so today i plan to search the shirt. As you know, christmas is just around, so lot of ppl out there, damn crowded. My mom is the main character of the day. She seldom join me for shop or anything with trend but today, she's weird, she asks me to take picture for her, she shops with me, she eats expensive dinner with me.... WEIRD ! Okie... let's have a look on the picture that i have taken.

my mom

my mom again
my mom again n again

damn ! is my mom again, again n again !

is she..... again...

since when she loves to take pic ?!!
i have NO idea...

i love christmas treeeeeeeeeee~~

they are cute !!!

i tell you what, i treat my mom a dinner !!
it's expensive ler....
eventhough just penang foods
@ the street..

i simply love padini concept
this is my concept


Sunday, December 28, 2008

- good outing day -

This afternoon, i manage to get out with my best fren, keepok. We have been not going out for a long time ~ i miss it. So, midvalley will be our destination. We shop, walk around, and of course, sushi king !! i miss it so so so much !! argh !! so.. let's have a look on the happening in MidValley ~

Sushi Time !!

mr. ah pok

i enjoy the day