Sunday, June 28, 2009

- pilots' do -

what do pilots do during break time?
study ?
do revision ??
Not really
we love shooting ~! =]

Thursday, June 25, 2009

- navigation -

During ATPL stage, you do need to learn navigate your course. The term of "navigation" is the management or direct the course of your aircraft by using maps and instruments. It ain't easy as you thought. Accuracy and precision stand important part in the plotting. Therefore, extra cares applied when plotting. Instruments are needed for plotting as like divider,compass, ruler, scientific calculator and of course, CRP-5 computer . Along the course, forecasting is important as well. we do need to forecast the advance, the next path, heading and of course the weather. With the bearing from the radio station, we can fix the aircraft's position. This is giving us the direction and reduce the workload. The radio stations such as VOR, NDB, DME, TACAN and lots more are important in navigation. Besides that, speed and distance are important factor as well. Only if you state the speed and distance accurately, you will be able to arrive the destination @ the exact ETA ( estimated time of arrival ). That's why when u're flying to somewhere, the duration of the flight is always accurate, exception for weather factor. Weather is harmful to the flyers. We must dodge from it for safety purpose. Hence, meteorological reports are needed during pre-flight plan so that you will be able to forecast the next happening and plan the alternate option. Appropriate reports are needed for different purpose because there are quite a lot of MET reports such as METAR , TAF and SIGMET as well. Different report has its purpose. Therefore, decision making is important during flight plan.

the instruments

the meteorology report

plot the track

Piece of thought:
In the path of life, we have to navigate our course, direction to where we wanna go, what we wana achieve. In the process, we need guidance in order to achieve our dream. Perhaps, friends, family, something or even incidents that have happened to you could change your preception or guide you to the destination. With these, you could plan your path, the direction of where you wana go. Please remember, always forecast your future with the presence of weather. There is always unexpected things or incidents which can smash you off or even ruin your path. This is what we call as weather. As a good navigator, we have to think of the weather always and elude from it. So, always ask yourself , " what if...... " .

Navigate the course, forecast the weather.


Monday, June 22, 2009

- 2009 FIFA confiderations cup-

2.30am @ this moment and yet i'm not asleep nor @ home but @ outside, nick cafe. What am i doing there ? Well, football fever is back once again !! It is the 2009 FIFA confideration cup which is similar to world cup. Today match is Brazil versus Italy and consequently, irresistible Brazil eliminates Italy. Hoorray ! Brazil produced a stunning first-half display en route to a 3-0 defeat of Italy that thrust them into the semi-finals of the FIFA Confederations Cup and eliminated the reigning world champions and coming up next Brazil will take on South Africa in the second semi-final in Johannesburg on Thursday. Can't wait for it !!

nick cafe

the huge screen

in the match !


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

- bus breaks down! -

Quite unlucky this evening as when going home after class, the lousy bus breaks down in a sudden and this happens in a sunny hot day some more ! Truly spoil the mood. FIY, this is a brand new bus, i could say it's just about 1 month ? Aihh...So actually what happens to it? When we get into the bus, notice that the air-cond is unserviceable. Oh my goodness, i hate it so much especially in this kind of sunny freaking hot day. Half way of the track, the senior who sits @ the front there shout out that something is leaking and smoke comes out under his leg. Therefore, the driver stops along the road and check it out. Oh well, the bus is officially BREAK DOWN.

the bus

the bus driver

the leakage

analyzing the cause ?

Okie now, what is the next ? We couldn't just wait @ there till someone repairs the bus. The driver has call to the school and get us another bus, eh ? did i mention get us another bus ?! Nope actually, but that is a freaking small van ! FIY, total amount of us is 23 persons inclusive of 4 seniors. how could a van of 9 persons capacity to fit us ?!

while waiting....... .. .. .. .. . . . . . . . .

spot a hawker across the road

this is totally delight my mood in this sunny hot day !

while in the bus

chill everyone ^^

who the hell blocked my face?!

we're so "squeezable" , aren't we?

epong rocks!

let's go home ~


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

- laz day

I'm leaving to KotaBharu tonight by bus. This will be my last day in KL and once again, she's gonna upset for this matter and so do i. Well, what to do as i have to study over there for another year. She doesn't has class for today and so i fetch her up earlier and go for movie, Hannah Montana. Needless to say, the movie is great. thumb ups! You guys should watch it. We have pizza as lunch. She loves pizza so much and as i remembered few months ago, we had pizza as last meal before i ciaoz.
the restaurant

the mushroom soup


why so shy ?

mmm... delicious

p/s : i'm ciao lar ~ byebye kl again...


Sunday, June 7, 2009

- another day -

Just get a msg from jones that peg, ee2 and him are heading to THE CURVE, ask me whether wana join them. Yeap, as i have nothing to do. I fetch my dear @ her hostel and ask pok comes along.

this is me, speeding ~ ^^

pok who sitting alone @ back, aka philips =p

As today is holiday, the traffic in town jammed like hell. Hardly to get into parking lot. Pheww.. We just have a short walk in the curve as jones is searching for "lovely face" shop. He wants to get something from there for his girl and he heard from ee2 that IKANO has this shop. So, we move over there.

we're sweet, aren't we ?
everything is perfect in the picture EXCEPT my hair.
FYI, i just had my hair-cut yesterday, so fugly.

As i remembered, there is no 'lovely face' in IKANO. We try to check it out at the directory board and yes, i'm right. Jones is fooled by ee2 LMAO . Anyhow, we still need to have our lunch and so teppanyaki is our best choice in IKANO.

beef noodles, my lunch.

she . he

i'm so colourful in the picture.. pheww...

while chatting.

i love this so much... keke

After the lunch, we divert to OneU as i know lovely face is right there. Jones gets his thing, a bear for her girl in conjunction with their anniversary. We hang out awhile in OneU before leave to yumcha session with others.

happening in OneU

my dear says this picture is artistic. lolx..

hot chick in the mall !!
stephanie yong.


Saturday, June 6, 2009

- goin for operation soon? -

Yeap, i might be go for operation soon. Well, this is because i have a tumor-like substance is spreading wildly beneath my teeth which causes my teeth experiencing extremely painfulness in these few days after i have consulted a doctor this evening.
I go to two dentists. The first dentist whom i never consulted before advis me to have my tooth out as i'm in pain. So i ask is there any way besides get my tooth out ? There is no way , he answers. wtf ?! I'm shocked, i couldn't believe a sudden pain would causes this condition. I resist his suggestion, get the medicine to reduce the pain and go home.

After awhile, mum suggests me go for another dentist whom my family consult usually. Actually, i have confident on the second doctor as he looks so pro and i have been consulted him for many years. After he did the X-ray, he tells me that i have infection beneath my tooth which is spreading wildly and form a tumor-like substance. His advise is to do an operation, and it does look like a bad news huh ? But i'm feeling better of it as i'm willing to do an operation rather than get my tooth out ! Luckily, i did not follow to what the first dentist had advise. Pheww...

Currently , i'm consuming the medicine which given by the doctor and wait for the operation. In spite of the fact that if my condition is better that anticipated, i might be get rid of the operation. Seriously, i'm fcuking in pain. It ruins my mood, my plan, my everything. I'm not even in mood to talk. Argghhh..... i wanna get rid of this as soon as possible !


- just about her -

A day with dear in times square. We have a movie, lunch and shopping as well. Well, we enjoy the day.
Let the pictures speak out of the day. Just about her =p

she loves to hang out in bookstore.
book's lover ?

definitely not edu' book.

we have the lunch @ "sekhou" restaurant
and the service is suck to max.
they have forgotten about our orders for more than 30mins.
dear waits until fall asleep...


how adorable she is...

~ speak no evil ~

~ hear no evil ~

i want my lunch ~ =(

and finally.... lolx..

p/s : i don't have my lunch as my teeth are still in pain. Duhhh...



Friday, June 5, 2009

- agung's holiday( thx, agung ) -

Well, i'm back again ~ lolx... quite often huh ? I reach @ kl by morning 2a.m something actually. And then, straight away drive to oldtown have supper with ahpok. FYI, ah pok has a new car !! new saga ~~ wow ~~ congrazt !! no longer old toyota corrolla but i'm gonna miss that toyota pretty much. After supper, we go for "yao che ho" ( driving wanderly in the town ). About 4:00am plus , get home and sleep. Later about 9:00am gotta go back to TARC , look for my old friends, ex-coursemate and of course my dear. She is studying in TARC currently, advance diploma in banking and finance. After my dear finishes her classes, we go for movie and shops. i miss her alot ~ lolx
sorry that i have forgotten to take picture, ERK!
currently i'm getting lazy to take picture and update my blog, duhhh... We're out until night and we go for some dessert in sri petaling. the restaurant is called as "sweet bean"

sweet bean

address : No, 25 jalan 13/149L bandar baru sri petaling, 57000 kuala lumpur.

i have a post regards this restaurant last year, please click.

these are what we have order.
but finished by my dear only...
why ?
my teeth are in pain ~ ERK

my sweet looking dear

p/s: tomorrow i'm gonna consult a dentist. ERK........


Thursday, June 4, 2009

- sadnyer -

We have a weekend holiday due to Agung's birthday. So, we plan to go back KL right after class tonight. We finish class @ 5:00pm and there's a pretty bad weather, raining cat & dog. LOL
Because of the weather, an incident happens to Qimie. His lappy has commit suicide !! This is the story.

Early morning before he went to school, he leave the lappy on the bucket which is on the table, in front of the window, and he didn't close the window as well. Here is the incident has happened.

What had happened by next was due to the pretty bad weather and strong wind, blew the curtain and stucked with the lappy, consequently, the lappy jumped from 14th floor straight right to the ground !! Wow ~~ this is the end of mr. lappy

picture taken from 14th floor

Let's take a look on how's the lappy look like now.

suicided lappy

the owner, Qimie

muka sedih T.T

dissecting on it..

reuseable hardrive


Qimie sent a msg to his dad about the incident,
here's the conversation
son : ayah, ( telling the whole story )
dad : nanti kau balik, aku bank in duit bagi kau, esok kau pergi beli yang baru dengan sendiri.

Conversation ends.

After an hour, his mum sent a msg to him
Mum : Qimie, mak tau kau sangat sedih sekarang, tapi jangan fikirkan ni lagi la, jangan sedih tau?

ERK!! WHAT A HECK !! wat a superb nice parent !!
how i wish i could become their son ~ LOLX !!!!

by the way, i'm goin back to KL now.... tada ~~