Monday, August 31, 2009

- cheryl fun -

This is a pretty good news to my family, as we have a new member, cheryl fun.
She's my sister's daughter/my niece, just born last few weeks ago. Today, is the very first day i meet with her. She's pretty cute definitely. I love her so much!
Her weight is 3.5kg. Erm... Quite okie ?

while sleeping.

woah!! She's cute , isn't she ?!

with my mother, aka her grandma

I'm getting old, uncle andrew ! HECK

- drew -

Sunday, August 30, 2009

- just for you -

I get back to KL just for several days. It's all because of her. =]
Early in the morning once i reach KL, i stay at my cousin's house. Credits for him.=]
My cousin definitely is a good guy. His kindness that i couldn't find in anyone astonishes me deeply. Back to the point, so i plan to make a breakfast for ms. yong . I was thinking of what to make for quite long. Anyhow, ended up with a simple breakfast. I couldn't think of any names for it, or could i say "lovely bread" ?? Lame XD

Here goes the process.
firstly, soaks the bread into eggs and put on the pan.

and i can tell you, it smells good ~ ^^

and looks nice as well ??

with the prepared hotdog,
i tend to wrap it with the bread, make it into rolls.

addition - omelette

finish ^^

Immediately, deliver it to ms. yong's house.
Well, she says it's sweet. haha~
actually she means the bread is sweet instead of salty. erk....

By night, we're out for dinner in Kuchai Lama.
The restaurant is Yummy Duck Roast House.
I bet it is quite famous and the foods are expensive.
Anyhow, the meals are just nice but too less to us.

yummy duck


my course

her course

my love

- drew -

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

- flight planning -

aerad chart

what do you know about the flight planning ?
Based on the title, you might get some ideas regard it.
Basically, it could be divided into 2 different segments. The fuel planning and as well as the en-route planning. I'd like to concern on En-route planning.

First and foremost, the aircraft is not flying to the destination based on the pilots' sense. Every route got its airway and pattern. It's similar just like to driving a car. For example, from my house in Cheras to Mid Valley, it does need to get through several roads. It does the same thing to flight as well. Airway is actually similar to highway. Every airway has its designated title. Based on the aerad chart, we could find out the routes to our destination even the distance and duration for the whole flight with concerns on wind component, aircraft's speed and altitude as well. Furthermore, we do need to take advices from Air Traffic Controller, so we will avoid all the traffics along the flight.

On the chart, you can see that there are lots of lines

these are airways, quite confusing right ?

The circles indicates the Radio Navigation stations

- drew -

Monday, August 10, 2009

- chinese herbal dessert -

we wanted to eat " gui ling kao " - type of chinese herbal dessert for so long but pretty hard to get the chance.
Today, out of the obstacles, we're out for it purposely. If anyone of you never tasted it, you should regret for the rest of your life. No doubts to trust me for this, i bet you.

this is the shop.


ms. yong's favourite

she is happy b'coz of this ~

Finally we manage to taste it. We couldn't have it always as it's quite expensive as well. Costs about RM7 for small . Anyhow, it's worth of it =]

Bookstore is the next right after dessert !!

she looks so gorgeous =]

- drew -

Saturday, August 8, 2009

- outing -

No matter the examination is just right around the corner, we still have to take a break.
As my dear said, examination is not everything. * haha *
So, we give ourselves a break today, have a shop at midvalley.

she looks sweet as usual.

heading to midvalley

mid valley
nice decoration, right ?

as i said, she loves to buy shoes
a typical lady

- drew -

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

- study -

I will stay in KL for 2 weeks due to my operation. If you still remembered my previous post about the tumor which located nearby the teeth and nose. So, now it's getting serious and my face ias swollen. Heck !!
Anyhow, the operation is over. I'm okie currently. Thanks God

What's next is my CAA6 examination. Although i have to stay in KL, but study is a must as well to my dear. She's having the final as well. This is a great time to study with her.

her notes

my notes

looking into your eyes XD

how serious is she while studying... lolx

heck! i'm so lady and she is so man !!

- drew -