Thursday, July 31, 2008

- sing . shout . loud -

Sorry for the late update, being busy these days. Last week (30/7 ), went to Cheras selatan, green box sing-k with my ex-classmates. Well, what to say.. i really miss them a lot. Another purpose of this sing-k session was the celebration of laymay's burfday. So, here i give the best wishes to laymay, Happy Birthday!!

the 3 little gurls

mr. K joe

they are enjoy ~

me, duet with kj

brother forever


Monday, July 28, 2008

- midnite @ genting -

Well, i couldn't deny that i'm such a madness guy. Just right after the yumcha @ leisure mall wong kok, i had an idea, yup... go up to genting and take sum fresh air out there. Eventually, we did it. 1a.m started the engine and sped up to the hill ~ We were crazy enough huh.. Had a walk around there. standing in the cold wind and had a chat there.. Freaking cold !! freezing !! ~~

cooling engine


mr. Jones

kok hoe

don't ask me why i act this pose.
i have no idea !!

seeking for light

reached home @ 5a.m



- western cuisine -

Have you ever wonder any cheap foods in pavilion? I always looking for cheap foods in pavilion except for those fast foods, yucks ~ and today, just right after the movie, The X files, Kok Hoe and i had a walk around the pavilion and our mission is " Searching for cheapest foods " Eventually, we found it which located at food court level. The "western cuisine" ^^.. Well, i could say that the meals served in large compound and the prices are reasonable, cheap!! Of cause, the meals are delicious as well. Too bad for jones they all, they missed the delicacy... keke.. Anyways, Thumb Ups !! INTENSIFY RECOMMANDED !!

western cuisine

black pepper chicken

fried chicken chop


- The X files -

Well, grabbed a movie this evening, The X files- I want to believe- . Hmmm.. what could i say about the movie, it's wasn't as great as i thought. What did i expect for the movie is related about the UFO or any supernatural stuffs. Hmm... kinda disappointed. My friend, shaun even worse than me. He was fall asleep in the cinema. Well, it was kinda boring. ^^


Sunday, July 27, 2008

- Journey 2 de centre of de earth -

After convocation, i met with kok hoe @ pavilion, planning to watch journey to the centre of the earth. For me, it's just nice. I couldn't say it's great but overall i satisfied with it. As in i kinda love adventure type-like. ^^

By the way, what a coincidence i bumped with a friend which i have been lost contact with her for a long time. She used to be my junior, we're ex-cherasian ^^

After the movie, kok hoe and i went for shopping.. hmm... actually both of us are bankrupt. So, this is kinda like window shopping @ sungai wang and pavilion as well. ^^ i just simply love to shopping.. ^^


- my convocation ^^ -


Ladies and Gentlemen, here i present my convocation !! Finally i've graduated from diploma officially! Supposing this morning i gotta reach at college before 8.30am and the thing is, i woke up at 8a.m !! i was late again !! argh !! Rushing to college with 130km/j. Luckily i managed to reach at college punctually. pheww... Get on my gown and settle everything, then get into the hall, wo0t... i couldn't say that the hall was splendid or brilliant but it just looks great still. The guest of the day was the Minister of Transport, Dato Ong Tee Keat. Well, kinda bored sitting there just for waiting. Hmm... anyways, we cam-whore, chit chat, make some noises to kill the bore. Finally, my turn had come. My heart was pounding furiously. Wo0t, i was so excited !! Eventually, my scroll was in hand and this was the full-stop of my diploma ~ ^^ After the ceremony, of cause, cam-on ^^ we took damn alot of pictures.. lolz!! just simply love it. We look like superstars, standing and holding the same pose for more than 5 minutes and camera flashes from all over... eyes pain !! People surrounding us and paid attention on us.. We're Superstars !!! ngek ngek ngek.... So, please enjoy the pictures, kinda alot... ^^

the hall

fixing b4 enter

fish & drew

while waiting

3 of us

the ceremony

zoe and i

esther and i

we look great !! ^^

felicia and drew

steven and i

me and siew lee

ben and i
- argh!! why he looked at that side !!? -

huiping and fish
-2 pretties -

beng chong and i

steph and drew

suren and i
-thx for the visit-

laymay , rainnie and drew

jing wei n i

han ping and suren

kitson . fish . zoe

siew lee and i again..
wah !! so many flowers... ^^ give me sum!!

rainnie and i

what are we doin ? lolz

alvin and andrew

vivian and i
-she looks gorgeous! lolz!! -

kenny and i

she's cute isn't it ?

fish and i

beng . drew . suren . susan

pretties and i ^^

nice shot ^^

group photo
-we are superstars !! -


de end of day

individual photo ^^

it's me, just me ^^

here i present a silly video clip to you guys.. kekeke ^^