Tuesday, September 30, 2008

- sing k with 2ndary school mate -

Few days ago, wahwah and cheah paid me a visit @ times square and we discussed to have a sing k session since we got the vouchers ^^ and today once i finish work, rushed to cheras selatan jusco Greenbox meet up with them. Started at 7pm until 1am. wo0t !! Enjoy !!

me . pok

wah . alicia

wah . yen

thoo lee kuan/ my sister
back from sabah

sleeping while sing k !?!


no comment =.='

wah n me

vernon aka mr. lonely
why ?

because his gf...
busy chatting with TLK
so pity

group picture

take 2

~ spagetti lover ~

As you know that usually greenbox organizes some games for the customers and today the game was blow balloon =.=' and my sister forced me to join. So, cheah and i became the representive of our room. The rule is blow till burst.


Just a split second, a gal bursted the balloon and won the game, others gotta continue until burst the balloon. =.='
trying so hard

i was trying so hard to burst the balloon, while others bursted already! i was the only one !! so.. All looked at me, so embarrassing. What the hell was that balloon !! Damn hard to burst it off ! "muka tebal"

At last , what happened was i use my car key and burst it off ~ ^^ good ending !! ngek ngek ngek


Saturday, September 27, 2008

- working = shopping -

This month i am assigned to work at times square Best Denki and there are pros and cons. I'm so freaking free while working there, i can go anywhere i want, play games, chitchat, watch movies. Wo0t.... but... the only bad thing, less customers over there. Lolx who cares ? i can even go for shopping while working ^^ ngek ngek ngek.
snapped by colleague, Ron while eating

shopping again...

Friday, September 26, 2008

- ma office -

Yea, it's a peaceful day and why ? because my boss won't be around in the office ! ^^ we can do anything that we like ^^ we watched drama in the office summore !! lolz!! who cares ?
begitu hardworking


Thursday, September 25, 2008

- cheer up!! genki -

Few days ago, i had been told by genki that she involved in troubles but she never mentioned about the troubles, just in bad mood. And today, called me and ashley for out-goin, relax ~ She became the story-teller, wo0t... she really bad in luck, and her family too. No one escaped from this. Sad case. I was trying to comfort her and it seems like she's getting better in these few days. We went to connaught night market, "shopping" from evening till midnight. So tiring and just right after that, had a drink @ Wongkok till 2am.

saw it in the night market.
The dog was damn huge!!! and adorable ^^

p/s :

cheer up gal~ Don't ever think negatively.
Always seek for the light


Monday, September 22, 2008

- the cave? -

Supposing, wynki called me for movie tonight in this afternoon, claimed that she got the movie vouchers and would like to have a date with me and meichan since we lost in contact for a period. So, after work, i rushed to fetch meichan and wynki and headed to 1Utama . Due to some "mistakes", we unable to grab the movie and ended up with "the cave" .

snapped by wynki while getting into de car

the cave located in SS2

thre3 of us

the interior

we had a long chat. Unveiled the "secrets" . Shared the experiences. Updated each other. Well, we enjoyed the night. ^^

meichan . wynki


it's time to home

cocoine doesn't mean for me


Thank you , meichan for the souvenir~
love it !!
thank you very much


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

- thx boss!! -

TodaY, 12.30pm, colleagues and i plan to have lunch together. And suddenly, Boss comes in, and says Hey! Let's go.. lunch time i treat u all KFC ! Wo0t? KFC ? Boss treats us KFC ?!!! BOss, i beg your pardon ? Lolz !! what a lucky day, i have a FREE MEAL !!

wedges !!

my colleagues...
they just ignore me!!

thank you very much, BOSS!!


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

- future plan -

Since few months ago, i was struggling for my future, what i gonna do after i graduate, where to study, how to raise the fund, am i choosing the right school, is this the right pathway that i'm moving on, am i confident to get the flying license, is the pilot suitable for me, where am i goin to after graduate.... Billion of Questions come across my mind.

After some deliberations, survey and thoughts..
Here comes to my conclusion, my future plan.

Step 1 : Leaving to Kelantan study the pilot course for 1 and a half year. Aihz, my senior told me is hard to get back to hometown once stay in kelantan... sad case..
Step 2 : Apply to Oversea for a job, my aim is get into Cathay Pacific Airway based in Hong Kong.
Step 3 : work hard for very first 5 years in order to pay back my mum.

Conclusion : No longer back to Kuala Lumpur for a very long term after i leave to Kelantan or maybe never back to KL forever. So these few months will be my very last period of time in Kuala Lumpur. Am i gonna miss my life in KL ? Will i change my mind and get back to M'sia? I have no idea about it. There are lot of sweet and sour memories in Kuala Lumpur. Anyhow, i do think that i need to get into the new life instead of struggling in past. I do need a new environment for me to transform.

I'm growing, and i hope to be better. I'm transforming into a better person. Being mature, understanding, considerate, compassionate , and TOUGH.

So guys, pls hang out with me before i leave. this might be the last time i meet with you guys! Anyways, let's fight for our dream and future !!

My heart is dead, wondering is there a way to revive my heart and my soul. This sentence sticks in my heart and i'm sick of it. I couldn't forget the way she told me, " my heart is dead "

Well, Don't ever stick with the past... Let's move on !!

p/s :

Count down : 73 days


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

- tao yan!! -

after work, abruptly cing yee msg me, kononnya nak geik me !!! tao yan!! she went to shopping and sing k today... n McD summore!! Without thinking twice, i decide to go to pavilion meet with her, threaten her to have dinner with me !! muahaha.... but at last... i'm the only one who eat while she just sitting there do sth stupid...... wat's so stupid? Let's check it out....

she draws sth on the comment sheet of the Carls' junior!!
so "creative"

We argue at the Carls' junior for quite a long time whether wana get a movie or not.. So, after the decision/deliberation, deal .... watch "Death Race" @ 9.15pm. And we still have plenty of time.. So, what to do ? Shopping !!!!

trying on the vest @ Forever 21

snapped by tat goldfish!!!!
eh?! i just play the public phone only ma!!
cannot izzit !?!!

p/s :

~ we enjoyed the day ~


Sunday, September 7, 2008

- working -

Currently i'm working for few jobs... how hardworking am i... working daily non-stop from monday till sunday.. Monday - Wednesday for telemarketing, thursday for sciencetech and hometuition, friday-sunday for sales promoter. WoOt.... it's tiring... but i rather to work than stay at home.. This is the way for me not to think too much of something, earn money and make myself exhausted. This is the good idea.

Working @ times square from fri-sun and it's boring
taken during "snake"


Saturday, September 6, 2008

- wei long, hapi burfday!! -

today is wei long's burfday .... so .... i wish you happy birthday !!! here's de song...

Happy birthday to u
happy birthday to u
happy birthday to wei long
happy birthday to u ~~


Thursday, September 4, 2008

- sing with baobao -

today, bao yi and i go to Sungai Wang ... sing k!!! Quite a long time didn't sing k... hmm, actually her sister shen nie wana join us but too bad she gotta work... pity she... ^^ So, just both of us... we have fun, enjoying ourselves. until lost our voices.... LMAO !! next time we sing again okie ?!! ^^

Monday, September 1, 2008

- facial treatment -

LMAO.... my cousin n i go to have a facial treatment @ my aunt's salon... lolz!!! Well, really need some treatment to refresh myself and since my aunt offers me for free treatment, so i won't miss the chance !!

trust me..
this is not me !!!

by late of night, cousin n i go to OneUtama to have a midnight movie, Love Guru.
well, the movie ain't bad but lousy