Sunday, June 29, 2008

-Great match-

2.45am,29/6/2008 - The Great match of EuRo Cup , Germany vs Spain. As usual, we watched it at steven corner. I'm the germany supporter but yet, the match wasn't get my satisfaction. Germany loses the match by a goal. huh... what a jerk !! Anyways, Spain have done it, and they have done it on their own terms. They have translated talent into trophies, with Fernando Torres' 33rd minute goal for silverware.

crowded steven corner

Fernando Torres with his trophy


- new house -

Declaration, ms. amelia wong yee wah is going to shift her beloved house to balakong by 13 July 2008. congratulation~ ^^ Yeah, the new house is even bigger than the current. She's gonna miss her current neighbours alot huh. Anyways, new house comes with new lifestyle, new neighbour, new environment right ? should be happy of it. ^^ Yeah, i'm glad that being the very first visitor of her new house as well. This afternoon, i just sent her to her new house due to house cleaning. Met her parents. They were just busy enough, quite tiring. Anyways, must take care alot ~ once again, congratulation !!

her new house

-it's spacious right ?-


-Au Revoir-

Today's word, Au Revoir. You might asking what does it means ? It's French, meaning is Goodby3. It's hard to say goodbye to the person that you used to hang out with, used to chit chat with, playing around, even maybe crazy around ? Yeah, it's hard, it's tough. And the day has come, 28 June 2008, the day whereby a bunch of my buddies, best friends leaving to further their study. In this early morning, i went to LCCT(Airport) to send my meimei and eichong flight. Both of them are going to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah to further their study.Just wana share something with you. Airport, a place where planes begin and stop flying, that has buildings for passengers to wait in. But, is airport just means? For me, No. It's not just as simple as this. You would see people crying around, waving hand to say goodbye, hugging tightly in the airport, there is an unpleasant feeling under the atmosphere. Ya, it's kinda sadness but instead of seeing these conditions. You might see families gather, ,meet your friends again in the airport. This is what i understand of airport. Most of you know that my ambition is to become a pilot. Yeah, high salary job, benefits, great feel to flying in the sky. But is it really what a pilot meaning of ? I do think it's a great job. Absolutely gReat. As in, a pilot who bearing a responsibility or mission to send the passangers to somewhere they wana to be for multi-purpose. Try to imagine that, i will be able to send a passanger to desire to get back to his/her family bound, while seeing them happy together, it's just such a great feeling. I am passionate about pilot-ing. Pilot, here i come!

departure barrier
~ full-stop of a bound~

wahwah, meimei, drewdrew

i'm gonna to miss you alot, eichong!
all the best

she . her


brother & sister
must take care over there,
goh's gonna to miss u alot
it's the time to be indepedent huh !
Gambateh ~

It's the time to say Goodbye
tears drop
seeing the shadow lost in the crowd
bad feeling

after airport, cheeyan, wah and i went to keepok's house for the last visit. He looks great, ever great~ He's going to Perlis.

p/s: Pok, here i wish u, all the best ya! Friendship forever!! do visit me at malacca k ?!


gurls and him

friendship forever and ever !!!

Guys ! i miss you alot ~
All the best !!!


Saturday, June 28, 2008

- very last yumcha -

Tomorrow, is the date. The date which all of my friends leaving me to further their study. Recalling back, the gang that i used to hanging around with, is no longer there. Well, tonight gonna to spend sometime with them. It might be the last, the very last, the ever last time of yumcha. So, appreciate it. Especially for KEEPOK. Our tonight venue is the Palate Palette located somewhere in KL . What a peaceful night. Now, you gonna to see and enjoy some artistic/ lively/memorably photography that i have captured. Please, Do enjoy yourself. Don't be hesitate to inform me if these photos sux~ ^^ ( Better DON't !!! )


the BAR

the artistic wall

Light up my life

it's FREE

~the best ever secure~

Pak Lah's Fuel- Best price ever

have you ever seen the HUGE poker??

it's HUGE!~!

another type of poker

~She = peggy . He = Jones ~

Scrubble~ scrubble~

mr. Tang


mua drink ~ mint leaf tea

free salty popcorn

i think, gorgeous!

she thinks so ?

nope ! she reads my mind ??!!


-mr. Jones' story-

He is a MaN, not the Batman, Superman, Spiderman or even Cicakman. He is just an ordinary freaking "muscleman" but not a muscovite. He's not going to save the world but he's going to kick your ass and screw you up babe. He has no pen, but he has a pretty long hair which the gurls desperate to own it. He has no Lamborghini, he has a blacky Iswara. He's the Mr. JONES but not the indiana Jones. He's just JONES. And here's the end of story. He's gonna make a serious decision. He has a gut. He has gutS. He's gonna to transform himself to be the Great of ever better. here's the evidences:~


You might asking why he did it. hmm... Actually, just simple. He needs a job and the manager of the company advised him to cut short his hair. So he did it, cut it. Simple & Easy ^^

GoodBye LongHair


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

- farewell gathering = very last ? -

tonight, as we planned to have a gathering so called farewell party for those who leaving on 28 june 2008 to their next destination/stage, University to further their study. So, it should be upset for me, as in they are my best friends. Try to imagine that a bunch of your best friends just wana to say GOODBy3 on the same day, at the same time. Woah, gonna miss them alot alot alot. Meanwhile, shall be happy as well, as in most of them get what are they hoping for but just , erm.. kinda too far distance huh. Indeed, it's kinda good as well, right? at least can train yourself be more independent. Actually i am kind of eager to find out how you guys doing out there, especially my lovely meimei.haha.. hope she will be "quite okie" while staying there (Sabah). Anyways, all the best to you all guys and must take care of yourself. be INDEPENDenT. ^^

by the way , i was quite weird or uneasy tonight. huh ? why huh ? i had no idea. Just couldn't imagine that i'm gonna to lost a bunch of friends in the split of second of my life ><
me. myself

****Here gonna introduce to you my bunch of friends, bubbies and best friends,

used to be my assist of demerit department,
leaving for kedah

my best buddy
leaving for perlis, taking biotech course

my tutor, si fu
he's a genius
one of the top STPM student in M'sia
bravo!! proud as his friend ^^
leaving for singapore, taking mechanical eng.

my ever best buddy
is about 10 years friendship right ?
thankz for everything, every efford
is glad to be your best friend, no doubt!
leaving for penang, taking material eng.
yet it might not your first choice,
but u're going to have a bright future out there ! ^^
work hard man ! i know you can do it ~

leaving for kedah as well
we might had some misunderstanding before this,
but for sure i tell you that,
you are still my friend.
Something is always changing but there is no regret to be your friend.
Good Luck !

my tai kor
leaving for kedah as well ( think so)
good luck anyways and remember not to flirt too much hor ^^
study hard

the future football-er
Is good to have a dream ; as thrust into the sky.
and i know u can make it, i will be your the very 1st supporter
my Future Mr. Cristiano Ronaldo
cant wait to seeing you fight for man.U club on TV

Here's the sc3nes of the party ~

drink . drank . drunk

charming gurls
mua juniors

"Babi Q"

Ultimate Cheers

enjoying de very last night

tang kok hoe

look at behind ! sleepy karen

After the end of party, we, the SMKC gang went to the basketball court wherein we used to be crazy out there. So called recalling memories ~

cars lelong ~

The craziest tortoise

hey mr! modeling huh !?

this is what we call as cool ?

ever best friend ^^

this is madness!!

Lastly, went to the place where we always hanging around, yumcha...

BRJ bistro

i felt so rueful , i was out of time to take picture with others who leaving as well, especially my meimei, ei chong , etc. sigh... I had intended to take picture with you all but, really out of time.. huh.. nevermind, as in i'm going to "send your flight" as well right ? haha.. gonna miss u all deeply ~

p/s : To accomplish something, we do need to dream of it. And only with the dream, thrust us into the sky.

~~Triumph into the skies ~~