Thursday, April 30, 2009

- P21/08 -

we guys take the batch photo this afternoon, so let me show you guys my whole batch official photo. =) Well, it's a hot day, gotta stand under the sun, argghhh... on fire.

the official

the funny

if you notice there are just 19 of us,
yea, initially 20 persons but 1 of us was suspended due to certain circumstances.
anyhow, i wish all the best to my batch.
Let's gambateh

Once 21 Forever 21


Thursday, April 23, 2009

- in claz -

After a long break, i'm back to class. My batch is starting the CA6 class. This is the ATPL theory examination, the last and toughest theory exam. Total 6 subjects comprise of Navigation, Meteorology, Radio Aids, Instrument, Flight Planning, and Climatology. Currently just 2 days class per week. It seems like quite relax but actually have to study hard in order to pass the exam. God bless me for this. =)

Since today is the first day, we have some photo sessions. LOL...
Let photos speak out the day.


Asia Pacific Flight Training



Sunday, April 19, 2009

- lovely evening -

swallows all around

Evening , it's quite a long time we never been out for dinner. So, we get into the town and look for some good foods.
Yea, porridge for dinner. Hmm.. wondering when is the last time i ate porridge. I don't really have zest on it but since quite a long time never ate porridge, so what about to have it. We have a walk in the town after dinner, get some snacks along the hawkers.


ERK, it couldn't fulfill my little tummy at all

Kuih Apong.
with special ingredient, egg add-on
thumb up!

standing in middle of the junction.
which way should i go?


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

- hapi b'day, epong -

My housemate, epong's birthday today.
So, bert and i gotta give him a surprise of course.
what we have plan is i'm the one who drag him stay in the house and bert will go to buy the cake and KFC.

He is so happy, at least somebody celebrates his burfday at here. =)
Okie, here i wish you a very happy birthday and good luck in your future ~ ^^

~ surprise ~

friendship forever

how cute is he

thx bert for buying the KFC

Once again,


Monday, April 13, 2009

- lastest burfday present -

this is the latest burfday present that i have received. LOLX!!!
Credit to ms. yanny goh.
Thanks for the present, i love it so much !!
promise i will wear it on ~

thank you very much


Sunday, April 12, 2009

- Jeram Linang -

Yoo~ holiday today.
So my gang plans to have an outing today. Yea, Jeram Linang waterfall. Needless to say, its a nice place. we're out in morning and it takes roughly an hour travel. Everything there seems good and everyone enjoys except my carelessness. I have forgotten to bring extra clothes.
Erk!! I couldn't enjoy them but just as the photographer. Aihz.. mistake. Around evening, when we about to ciaoz, raining in a sudden. Oh shit, i fall halfly into the river in rush. Yea, at least i still get wet ! Credit to the weather ~

about to go

the capt. afiq

Qimie n me

mahfuz and afiq

the another car

yea ~ we reach d

enjoying huh

whose hand so huge ?


nice shot

ERK, i'm not the one who take this picture

Let me show you how nice is the place.... Enjoy the photos ~~ ^^

Leaving in wet .. aihz