Sunday, August 31, 2008

- merdeka eve?? -

What do you gonna do in merdeka eve ? Stick with the crowd to celebrate? have a merdeka party ? clubbing ? LOLXX!! i prefer SHOPPING !!!! early in the morning, my friends and i go to OneUtama for shopping ~ We have our own aims... Kelvin wants to get a pant, clothes, and bag. Boon leong wants to get a bag, me myself want to get a pant and mr. choon.... he's just a "accompanier"... lolz!! We're having fun~ Even in parking lot~ lolz!!! such crazy we are.. at first, we grab a movie before shop~

Having lunch @ zanmai japanese cuisine restaurant

my meal

enjoying his meal without notice my snapshot

wai choon

boon leong
behave lar !! aiyor

Okie, let's start to shopping ~
we go shop-to-shop, hunting our stuffs, yea... it's tiring... but we're enjoying !! ^^ Actually, i just have a plenty of money in my purse in order to control myself not to spend too much.. I just wana get a short pant, but at last, i found another nice long pant... WTF !!! my frens are trying to pursue me to get it home.. they even try to to lent me money to buy it since i don't have enough cash !! they are so EVIL !!

kelvin so "leong"
evil me

me. myself
- loving to cam -

shopping end @ 11pm, ciao to Murni SS2 have our supper n yumcha ~
kononnya celebrate merdeka @ mamak ~
back @ home by 2a.m

p/s :



Wednesday, August 27, 2008


working for MALBEX in whole week. Well, the job ain't easy, and it's tiring. Gotta handle alot of stuffs. Frankly, the pay is not good. Aihz.... what a sad case....

Monday, August 25, 2008

- i love tart !! -

Kelvin and i went to pavilion to grab a movie AGAIN~ Well, i just love to watch movie ^^ I found something special which really caught my sight! Different types of TART!!! A lot of favors~ Wo0t!! love it love it ~~

the brand

my tarts !!

green tea tart

red bean tart

egg white tart

coffee tart

~ movie time ~


Sunday, August 24, 2008

- new friend -

Last week worked @ OneUtama and frankly, it was freaking boring. Standing there whole day for nothing but the pay was great !! lolz!! RM120 per day. Luckily, i met with sum new frens here. Addy, KC, Kwok, and bao yi.... reli nice to meet you all... ^^ And tonight, after hung out with chee hong, bao yi and i went to grab a midnight movie. Supposing we decided to get the 10:00pm show, but well, Gurl does like to spend alot of time for make up, lazying around and bla bla bla... So, i stayed at her house for a hour just for waiting... =.='

Btw, her sister, shen nie followed us as well . Oh yeah, and her sister's bf... erm... i don't know wat's his name... hahah!! paiseh... so just 4 of us... went to Times Square watch "Ghost House" @ 12.10am

p/s : Dont Ever Watch This !!! It's suck !!


- relaxing -

Well, quite a long time never been hang out with my buddy, chee hong. As he came back from penang, we went out to Times Square for a lil walk. We sat in the starbuck and had a chat.. Btw, I love Starbuck !!! muackz!! ^^

snapped by chee hong

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

- chat @ genting -

It's again !! we did it again !! this is madness. Well, this is our culture, our practise, our habit ^^ We go to genting @ night again for nothing!! you wouldn't understand it unless u try on it. we are feeling good chit chat @ genting though the weather is freaking cold! this time, keepok joins us as well, we just standing at there chit chat for few hours... of cuz , we yumcha @ there as well till de early morning 4am

night scenary

like de court

cancer cells are approaching U

de men talk

silly am i



Sunday, August 17, 2008

- de gathering -

Everyone is back! we all gonna gather @ gilly cafe... but frankly, i'm not in de mood.. work from morning 7am till 9pm, damn tired and gastric as well. i couldn't eat well and vomit. Anyhow, i still join the gathering. while on the way goin to de gathering after work, my handphone is freaking annoy me. Friends' calls and sms-es are spamming my phone non-stop, it's annoying! ruin my mood to the worst..

p/s : Glad to see u all again~

Thursday, August 14, 2008

- survey -

As all of my buddies are coming back by this week, so we plan to have a gathering for them. Jones, kok hoe and i gotta search the venue for the gathering.... so my suggestion is Gilly Cafe. We went to there.... we did de survey... we observed.... At last, we decided to have the gathering at there by coming saturday, 9.30pm. Can't wait to see them....


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

- shopping -

Lolz, Shopping with Kelvin @ pavilion. Just both of us and no others. Two men were shopping in the Pavilion... is it Cool ? We caught a movie @ GSC. Frankly, the movie was suck !! It ruined my day!! Wasting my money!! Just right after Pavilion, we went to Lot 10 and Sg wang as well. We enjoyed the day ^^ Two men~ :)

I saw something that caught my sight impressively.
Pig Skin Lining

And there are a lots !!!



Tuesday, August 12, 2008

- no longer jobless -

Went to few companies for the interview session. For the first company which was located in PJ, and i have done the interview session within 10 minutes. Freaking fast.. Basically, i was not interested on the job. That time was about 10am and coming next interview will be held by 2pm. How did i spend the spare time? I went to OneUtama, and on9 at there.. RM4 per hour !!! Damn expensive. Fortunately, Kim Choo called me for yumcha, so she came to 1U and had lunch with me. Thx alot for ur company ^^ For another company, i kinda like the job due to the high pay. ^^ Well, i need money!!! I need about RM8,000 as my expenses in Kota Bahru. I need it!!! I gotta work hard to get it. Well, i got the job. Erm... actually is JobS. Currently i'm working on 5 jobs. Event project assistant, Sales promoter, SciTech, Hometuition, and biz. Gotta push up my throttle to the maximum!! I gonna be freaking busy on these!! But somehow, i do need some entertainments ^^

After the interviews, i caught up with kelvin and nam hon. We went to Leisure Mall and planned to grab a movie but at last, we couldn't make it as in none of interesting movie out there. Well, we just shopping for awhile and NamHon bought his sport shoe.



Saturday, August 9, 2008


Well, this might be is a meaningful day for certain people, Some gonna spend the day with the beloved one, some with family, some spend it with friends, and how about me ? I have nothing to do with the day, walking alone in the shopping mall. Wandering around.... This is meaningless to me. :)

- the secret of life -

- when we look around us, even at our own bodies, what we see is the tip of the iceberg. -

Scripturally we could say that we are the image and the likeness of God. We could say that we are another way that the Universe is becoming conscious of itself. We could say that we are the infinite field of unfolding possibility. All of that would be true.


Ninety-nine percent of who you are is invisible and untouchable


Friday, August 8, 2008

- confirmation -

Mum gave me the account book today, asked me go to the Amanah Saham Nasional there to get my money. I was shocked when she told me that the ASN money is mine. Wo0o0o0t? I have my own rm50k... lolz!!! it's so .... unbelievable... My mum helped me to save the money since my childhood. Lolz! Thanks Mum !! But now, i gotta use the money for my study... aiks... By the way, i had make the payment already, and i got my offer letter as well. So, Confirmation...

I'm leaving to KOTA BAHRU by 22nd November !!!!

i have a plan, a future plan. Hmmm.... I would like to tell you guys abt the plan but not now. ^^ I need deliberation and a plenty of time to consider about it... Well, just wait and see ^^

amanah saham nasional


Wednesday, August 6, 2008

- APFT -

I had receive an offer letter from Asia Pacific Flight Training ( APFT ) few weeks ago. They informed me that i have been short-listed to sit for the psychomotor and psychometric tests by 5th August. Since the MFA really pissed me off, so i decided to have a try on it. Reached at there in the morning, and sat for the tests in a tiny room individually. First of all, psychomotor which tests your coordination, responses, how well you could concentrate on the targets, and screening tests. While, the psychometric which tests on your personnel profile, gotta answer 200 Questions.... argh... crazy!! Glad to say that i passed all the tests. ^^ They informed me to make the RM15,000 payment as the deposit to ensure my attendant in the coming next intake. I told my mum, tried to explain to her the difference between MFA and APFT. Frankly, the APFT is much more better than MFA as the following :-
1. MFA course fee is rm230K while APFT is rm225K
2. APFT provides an additional diploma in aviation management executive while MFA doesn't have.
3. Airlines send the cadets to APFT but not MFA, so it means that APFT has the better reliability.
4. The equipments and aircrafts in APFT are better, lastest, high-tech than MFA.
5. APFT has better discipline due to the combination of military and commercial training structure.
6. APFT provides daily meals, 5 meals per day while MFA only provides 5 days meals and 3 meals per day. WTF ?!! i'm such a big eater !!

Of cause, there are some disadvantages as well as the following :
1. APFT is kinda far away from KL compared to MFA.
2. MFA located in malacca which has better entertainment compared to APFT which is located in Kota Bahru ( lousy city )
3. MFA has better environment compared to APFT.

As the conclusion, APFT is better than MFA. So i had make up my mind and told my mum that i'm going for APFT. My mum does agree with me and so .. tomorrow i gotta go to APFT make the payment in order to secure my attendant for the November intake ^^ Well, God is always there for us, though he closes the door, at last he will open the window for us.



Tuesday, August 5, 2008

- fed up!! -

Argh!! i hate it !! Goddamn!!~ I was damn angry, disappointed and fed up with the malacca MFA !! bastard!! My mind was filled with anger.. After i passed the tests of MFA, i had inform the registrar that i will make the payment by the early of August and i told them to inform me if there is shorten of seats for the Nov intake. They made the promise but today, i gave them a call and they told me the Nov intake was full!!! Argh !! I quarrelled with them and our arguement brought nothing much. Freaking sad and fed up. What should i gonna to do now ? i had no idea. Wait for the next intake or give up ? You know what, i'm freaking tired... exhausted... for these 2 years, i had been work out alot for my ambition. I tried alot of ways, loans, bank-to-bank seeking for loans, tried to stand a chance to clinch the scholarship from Airlines and yet, i failed the tests, stood up again, but beaten down again.. again... and again. Who understands what's my real situation ?!! nobody!! Eventually, i had my financial support, and to be self-sponsored get into the training school, passed the tests. When i thought everything is done, the MFA came and bullshit to me! This was such a fool !!! Big Fool!! Frankly to say, i'm really tired.. tired to face all this bullshit.. tired to achieve my dream. I'm standing alone.. I do need supports... but... sigh.... well, i declared that, i lose in the battle again~ - approaching to the gate of loser -

Monday, August 4, 2008

- pc fair -

On 1st Aug- 3rd Aug, i had work for the pc fair. Well, as last time, worked for the HP. Hmm... Everytime i work for pc fair, the only thing that happens on me must be gastric !! argh... i hate it.. well, I had no spare time for meal nor toilet or rest. Freaking busy !! Of cause, i get the high pay for my efforts. For this time, i met with a lot of old friends, my ex-colleagues. Was good to work with them, i had fun alot. This time would be the very last time work for PC fair as in i'm going to study real soon. Anyways, i gonna miss u guys alot !! Let's work hard !! keep in touch ! ^^

MTCS group

tiring, gastric