Saturday, October 31, 2009

- Mr. Bean, the greatest musician! -

Whenever we talk about Rowan Atkinson, what comes across your mind ? Hilarious? Good actor? Yea, same goes to me. Whenever i talk about him, first comes first will be the comedy show, Mr. Bean. I'm kinda like addicted into this show, i'm the superb fans of him!! Needless to say, Mr. Bean is just 1 of the show that he cast. Other than this , there are "Keeping Mum", "Love Actually" , "Never Say Never Again" and etc. Somehow, the thing that i want to share now is something special indeed. What do you think if he's good in music instruments as well ? For the very first video, he comes across an invisible drum kits and he's not bad on it .

It's cool, isn't it ? He's still that same way, *steam face* . Haha, i love his gestures that much ! Okie, let's take a look on another video, he "plays" the piano in the manner of a cartoon character! Enjoy it ~

Of course, there are still many videos which i couldn't show them all at here. You may try to search for his videos on youtube. Just type " Rowan Atkinson " , I bet you will find many more of his hilarious videos. =]
Is he your superman~??


Just a "f-ugly" woman ?

especially for all of you =]


Friday, October 30, 2009

- 到底愛怎麼了 -

I would like to share a nice song with you guys, as you see the title of this post, yea this is the name of the song, sang by 王心如 , Cynthia Wang from Taiwan. Haha, frankly i don't really know who is she. To be more precise, this should be the very first time i heard of her name. Anyhow, this song is superb nice. By the way, did i tell you that she is superb pretty ?!
Well, back to the song. This song is composed by her ownself including the lyric! Pretty awesome! According to her in the press, she claimed that this song had been composed since 8 years ago. When the media questioned why didn't present it by that time, and she answered it's just because nobody ask her about it. If you're interested on the album of this song, the title is 哥本哈根的童话, Copenhagens' fairy tales. You might ask what is Copenhagen actually. Well, i will clear your doubt. Copenhagen is the capital and largest city of Denmark. It's a nice place indeed, peaceful, awesome culture and peoples over there love bicycle rather than car. Everyday about 1.1KM are bicycled in Copenhagen!! Awesome ! Okie, geography class is end. Enjoy the song =]
The Copenhagen, Denmark


不说心里的苦 多么错误



love the song? feel like wana download this song into your pc? Thanks to me that i make your life becomes easier. XD Please click here and follow the instruction below.
- right click the "下载歌曲“, green box.
- click "save link as..."
- save into anywhere you want.

Enjoy your day.


Thursday, October 29, 2009

- breaking news ! -

Light Aircraft Crashes Near Lembah Beringin, Pilot Injured

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 29 (Bernama) -- A Royal Selangor Flying Club light aircraft crashed near Beringin Golf Club in Lembah Beringin near Rawang at 6.30pm Thursday, police said.

Only the pilot was inside the aircraft at the time of the incident and he is believed to be seriously injured.

Hulu Selangor OCPD Supt Norel Azmi Affandi Yahya, when contacted, confirmed the incident.

The search and rescue is underway involving police and personnel from the Fire and Rescue Department and Rela.


I wonder why there are lot of incidents happen to pilot this year ? Especially for light aircraft! The aircraft in this incident is Eagle 150 B which is the aircraft that i'm flying currently ! Heck !! Just for this year, there were about 2 incidents on this Eagle that dragged the pilot near to the Hell. The Eagle 150B basically was manufactured in Australia but have been brought by Malaysia.

What can i say about this aircraft? Frankly, it's a challenging aircraft in term of well in control, but pretty bad in stability. It's kinda like an aerobatic aircraft, good in manouvring, and so probably can satisfy you in excitement but somehow, as i say it's pretty bad in stability. If anything goes wrong with this aircraft, means it's the time for you to pray hardly. Example, if engine failure occurs, it will dive into the ground probably 300-400feets per min. It's real fast to drag you down to the ground and CRASH ! Awesome? something like roller coaster ? Pay your life as the entry ticket before you fly it.

Somehow, i'm one of the flyer who is flying this aircraft, wish me the best of luck. Don't fuck up the landing and pray that i'm not the next pilot in crash on the news. Amen !


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

-something about my school -

my school always promote itself throughout the media, advertisement and somehow, now even facebook. Well, the school is really get into the business so much until new batch intake every month. In fact, i'm not going to promote it in my blog but just i found some superb cool photograph from the school's website and i would like to share the photographs with you guys. I wonder how much they spent just for these photographs and advertisements.

Okie, let's start with the ground school.

this is capt. chopra on the news !

parade !

Next is about the school's flight simulators. The school spent millions of money on its ! be proud to fly it ?

the flight simulator, exterior view

let's fly ~

my seniors , pretty cool huh ?!

in the flight simulator

Coming up next, the school's hangar ~

pretty awesome !

this is the largest hangar among the flying schools in malaysia !

at night

let's have a look over dispatch ~
in the dispatch room, checking the sorties and status.

briefing before flight.

my goodness, it's something like in movie ~ haha

Okie, now about aircrafts !

formation flight

helicopter - robinson 44

another formation

passby the school's hangar.

The photographs are pretty cool, huh ??
You must think that being a pilot is such a cool thing. But is it true ? let me show you something.

philbert was sleeping in the class.

or this ?
you can see the instructor covered his face at the behind ~ haha

or even this ?!

haha, now do you still think this is cool ?!! think about it ~


Sunday, October 25, 2009

- Jon Schmidt, the great composer -

Jon Schmidt, the pianist

Have you ever heard of Jon Schmidt? Well, he's well known as classical new age piano player and composer. Guys, i'm truly recommend you to get his album! He's real awesome. His music is amazing and excellent, a beautiful masterpiece. Let me show you some of his masterpieces.

Excellent right!? wana know more about him ? please click here .

- have a good day !

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

- Drugs, Alcohol, Flying & YOU -

Attends a talk entitled as " Drugs, Alcohol,Flying & YOU" at night at Crew Residence. Wonder why must have the talk at night, aih. The talk is conducted by Dr. Khairul Anuar b. Md Nor from Malaysia Airlines System ( MAS ). Basically the talk is about the drugs and alcohol, how these could affect you and your flying career. Some sort of common drugs have been introduced to us such as cannabis, Ats, Opiates, cocaine and etc.
What are the alcohol and drugs to people? I believe people always treat it as a method of unwind, relax, or as a social ice-breaker or even absurd, as the right of passage into adulthood.
The "flying" is a highly demanding cognitive and psychomotor task in an inhospitable environment with exposure to various source of stress. It does need 100% attention during flying. But when alcohol, drugs and flying come across, it will be a deadly combination which alter one's mood by decreasing inhabitation.
What kind of effects that will get with consumption of drugs and alcohol? Effects will be such like sedative, hypnotic and addicting, impair judgement, behavioral changes, undesirable hangover effects and etc.
In fact, in the Federal Aviation Regulation, there's a statement of law regard this issue.
No person may operate/attempt to operate an aircraft if in the case of :-
-within 8hours bottle to throttle
-while under the influence
-with blood content of more than 0.04% alcohol
-while using any drug that adversely affected safety.


Monday, October 19, 2009

- just a good day -

A day with the girlfriend @ midvalley. Well, whatelse can we do besides shop? Obviously the mall is crowded, with coincidence there's an event, Nikon road show. Woah! This real impresses me with the all fancy camera and SLR. I wonder when i could get 1 for my ownself. Hmm...
Nikon Road Show.

spotted the giant lens !

We get to the "toys're us" as well. Haha, you might think we're childish, but in fact we're just wana have a moment to refresh our childhood memories. XD

this should be from " Bleach"
Ichigo !
have i ever told you that she's fans of Bleach?

have you seen such a beautiful witch?
this is oddest !

and this should be a lil devil ~
devil please conquer my life ~~ ^^

Obviously, the reaper !

in the MPH
- this is a MUST ! -


Sunday, October 18, 2009

- happy deepavali -

Back to KL in conjunction with Deepavali holiday. Hmm, special thank to Indian for this holiday ~ !! I don't really wana go out on this public holiday, it should be congested and traffic everywhere, especially towards Batu Cave, right?
No matter how, i should fully utilize my holiday. Here we go, mid valley and yea, crowded !

musical performance
wondering why there's no snake ??!

the art of India

the peacock that i get in pets wonderland.

Once again, happy deepavali to all Indian ~ 1 malaysia ~ XD

Saturday, October 17, 2009

- so adorable ! -

Well, this post should be the album of my niece, cheryl fan ! I've manage to grab few of her photos. She's such a cute baby. Gonna love her the max ! And i tell you, she knows that i'm taking her photo in fact, she poses !! My gosh!! She is so addicted to photography shooting i guess. Lolx. enjoy it~

this is her mother, my sister



Friday, October 16, 2009

- heck ! parade!! -

If you ever asked me which day do i hate the most weekly, there should be sunday and thursday. People loves sunday as it's weekend but in kelantan, it's first day of weekday ! Furthermore, for these 2 days the school conducts parade as well. Hell, you gonna stand under the sun and parade! That's the reason why i dislike the most.

its my batch

when it gonna finish ~~