Wednesday, October 29, 2008

- burfday/farewell -

Tonight, after the work, ms hellen organized the party in conjunction with woei kang's burfday and my farewell. I am told by them that the charge for a head is about rm16++, and at last, i am cheated. it costs me about rm40!! my goodness! Aiks, anyways, we do enjoy the party, sing shout & loud ~ ^^ anyways, guys thanks for your wishes and efforts on my farewell. i do appreciate it so much ! thankx!

a bunch of friends!!

he is addicted to singing

celestial couple

the burfday boy


hellen & anni


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

- gold man -

Just finish a movie with nat, and both of us not really wana get home so early, the night is still young. So, we have a walk around the KL city, bintang walk. What makes us so impressive is the gold man. He is cool! creative! wana know what i mean ? take a look @ the photo as below.

you think he is "fake" ?

He is alive
the GOLD man

Both of us just sit along the road, have a long chat till 2a.m. we enjoy the night, looking around, sharing.

i love sundae~!!

p/s :
to robber, don't ever think about rob LV shop, u will regret

LV is under super secure surveillance system. ( CCTVsssss )


Monday, October 27, 2008

-mr. darren-

ladies & gentlemen, here i introduce you all my new friend, mr. Darren. Well, let's talk about him, he is humor, he is cute, he is crazy and of cause, he is ham sap~ LMAO!! this is the best description on him. i bet you will like it. ^^ anyways, is good to know you.

darren . andrew

p/s :

keep in touch, baby!!


Sunday, October 26, 2008

- i'm speechless -

i saw something @ a shop. at first, i saw a signboard of no smoking, secondly, no foods & drinks, and thirdly...... this is what i saw...

can't see the statement?

let's have a ZOOM

and now,
you get what i mean !


Saturday, October 25, 2008

- i'm insane -

Don't ever ask me why am i doing that. I'm freaking bored!! anyways, i'm cute isn't it ?! * perasan betul i ni *

why am i so silly ?

this is the way to kill my boredom !!

i'm insane


Friday, October 24, 2008

- i love friday -

Have a dinner with Nat tonight @ TGI FRIDAY. We're so "RICH" ^^ LolLZ. The foods are nice, the environment is great, the atmosphere is comfortable. Everything is just perfect except the bill. After the dinner, we grab a movie( i have forgotten what the movie is... LMAO )





Wednesday, October 22, 2008

- tiring -

currently working on events, and i'm freaking exhausted. No way to get rid of these. All i gotta do is just to work work and work. I need to save an amount of money for my study expenses. Well, i'm in far distant to the target. I wish to have a break, i wish to take a rest. I wish to get out from KL and back to study.

8.30pm and yet i'm still at KLCC


May my wishes will be realised.


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

-my colleagues-

This evening, colleagues and i plan to have a karaoke session after work, and here we go, Sungai Wang Green Box. we enjoy it much, have fun a lot. Well, we do need some entertainment after work, as these days we stressed up enough for works. So, it is the time to take a break, get a breath of relief.

** halloween's complimentary**
sparkling grape juice

de ladies

nichole n natalie

anni & shannen

she * me

talk to the hand PLEASE!

i'm glowing


this is what i call as COOL!

we enjoyed de nite and yet, tmr back to work !


Monday, October 20, 2008

- second farewell present -

First of all, very thanks to ms. wong chui lynn. LOLX !!
Thanks for your farewell present !!
and birthday present as well.
i love it!

She came to KL duty for several days.
and yet, still remember me eventhough busy wit her projects.
and bought me the farewell and birthday presents.
farewell present

wat's this inside ?

-birthday present-
Thx for the wallet, and sorry that i won't use it.. hahaha!!!
told u i won't throw away my current wallet !!


p/s :
I don't know we will meet again in future.
But, i will still remember you, my friend no matter where am i.
Take care and enjoy your life.


Saturday, October 18, 2008

- yumcha -

For the following weeks till the day i leave, gotta hang out with all of my friends. ^^ kinda busy social. And tonight, yumcha with my old friend and godsister. I knew them since 3 years ago but we lost in contact for years and recently we're back in action ^^
sandy & lina

p/s :
take care, my friends


Friday, October 17, 2008

- i love sushi -

Well, as yesterday we couldn't make it, so tonight we stick to the plan !! Sushi King ! Jones and raymond join us as well. Supposing we plan to have it @ LeisureMall but based on the jones' statistic calculations, we won't get into the restaurant at all due to the crowd. So, we back to QueensPark. No matter how, the restaurant still get well response, crowded ! Waiting there for an hour plus ! we're starving there !! WTF... At last, we manage to get in to have our "dinner/supper"

* crowded *

finally get the order sheet !!


get our engines started !

hungery look

i ate a block ^^

definitely not me
but who ?

Mr. Raymond Chai
Champion of the day

p/s :