Friday, February 27, 2009

- helper -

i spend my whole night with my beloved sister who is goin to get marry this saturday. After this, hardly we can hang out together d. So tonight i spend the night with her, dinner and help her to clean up the new house. Wooo... im such a good bro ~ LOL

de lamp that i gave her as present
nice right?

de messy house

my sister, Samantha Teh
"gaya isteri"

aku pulak

take 2
- muka sombong -

book given by my bro-in-law


Thursday, February 26, 2009

- leisuring -

Finally im back to KL with 2 purposes, Sister's wedding and holiday. Hohoho... Supposingly my holiday started on 26feb till 10 march but because of someone , my holiday becomes lesser, only until 2 march ! WTF !!! my flight tickets burned again, 4 times !! My goodness...
anyways, i shall appreciate this holiday, better than don't have rite ?! ^^ Back to KL by 4pm with flight. Just right on today, at night hang out with my friends, ashley & genki. Kinda long time never hang out with them ~ they started to mumbling at me d.. LoL...

By night, fetch them and head to the curve there, watch movie, have drinks, and i wana buy a present for my beloved sister. HOhohoho...
for movie

we have drinks @ Laundry


ms. genki

why shoot me ?

ms ashley

the girls

drew . ashley

drew . genki

Candid shot on the mirror



Tuesday, February 17, 2009

- graduation / new hangar day -

Today, the big day of APFT, combination of Graduation and New Hangar Open Ceremony day. All APFT members gotta prepare for today, for our passing out seniors. Total 64 cadets are passing out on today, 4 batches. Regards the New Hangar, proudly to inform that APFT hangar is the LARGEST hangar among the flying school in m'sia currently... WOoo... Let's the photos as speaker of the post. :)

what a "wonderful" day
- freaking hot -

pathway heads to hangar

new hangar


rebana ubi
- kelantan tradisional music instrument -

passing out cadets

the fleets



let's introduce you,
the new fleet in APFT
Chopper Robinson

naim , shafiq

capt Jamal . cadet andrew

with my babe

ready to fly~

retarded cadet

Congratulation to all passing out cadets

tiring day


Monday, February 16, 2009

- preparation -

In conjunction with the graduation and new hangar open ceremony on tmr, today the whole skul will get to the new hangar there have a rehearsal.

de men

batch 21

bert . drew

- we're taking a break -

with my babe

mr. Saiful aka Epong


p/s :
all the best for tomorrow