Tuesday, March 31, 2009

- tenji japanese buffet -

Recently, issue arises in the town regards the Tenji Japanese buffet promo. No doubt, this is the latest craze in town. Everybody talks about it. Since i back to KL, friends invite me for the buffet and actually i'm not that clear with the promo but juz knowing that RM55 per pax for supper session. Trust me that its worth. Foods there ain't that bad but above average. You ought to try various cuisine instead of japanese. And please book b4 you go. LOL .. it does need reservation. please visit tenji or tenji's blog for further information.

p/s: i'm bloated


- i'm a good son ?! -

My mum always complain that i always spend my time with friends, never accompany her. So, today after i wake up, i ask her for shop. ^^ but of cause only she is the one who wanna shop. I have no money already. T.T

I fetch her to bangsar area as i know that quite a lot of boutiques located @ there. We spend our evening over there. Mum buys quite a lot of clothes. LOL.. woman reli shopaholic.

my mum

is me is me !
cam whore while waiting for mum

tonight japanese buffet!
can't wait for it..

to be continued..............................


Monday, March 30, 2009

- steamboat buffet wit family *again* -

Yea, steamboat buffet with family again. LOL i really don't know why my family loves to have steamboat buffet for everytime i come back. =.='

This time @ kepong, QQ restaurant. =.=' yea. the price here is cheap but hmm... not that good to me. Everything seems normal and not that fresh as well the foods.

my mother.

p/s: praying no more steamboat buffet for next time. Amen


Sunday, March 29, 2009

- sushi sushi -

Date with ms yong today. We have a wonderful plan for today. XD first of all we grab a movie @ midvalley. " Unborn " . i thought she loves horror but after the movie then i know the truth. LoL. Afterward, we have sushi king. Frankly, i miss sushi so much ! and i would like to tell you that following few day, i'm gonna have a lot of japanese cuisine meals ~ ^^

we eat kinda lot.

she ignores me


Saturday, March 28, 2009

- rarely K -

Since i went to Kota Bharu to further my study, there is a long period i never have a sing k session with my friends.. i miss the past indeed. And now, i'm back to KL once again. Arrived @ KL by this morning, have dimsum breakfast with mr. jones. and by afternoon, meet up with wawa they all go to Belakong Jusco, greenbox.

Everything seems so strange to me. The room, the mic, the songs and even my voice. hmm.. I barely remember how to sing. Anyways, we have a great time. =]

nothing special but just "yeewah" becomes "geva"

3 little girls

this is what we named as "COOL"

wawa camwhore

wawa n drew

no disturb ! sms-ing

ee ee . peg peg


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

- another -

Another bad day.

p/s: Praying.


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

- ain't my day -

Suppose to fly today, but this ain't my day. Bad weather. Hanging around in the hangar pray for better weather. Aih..