Sunday, November 30, 2008

- mr Ipong -

Let me to introduce you a guy, Ipong from Terengganu. He is my new housemate. He's funny. He brings lots of laughters in the house, sharing de jokes, makes some funs. I'm just glad to know him. Let's work hard okie !?

Let's soaring in the sky ~
Good Luck


Saturday, November 29, 2008

- 4.16am -

now is 4.16am and yet i still working hard revise the study. I have never been so hardworking as now, study every day and night non-stop. Perhaps, i know that i can't afford to fail the course, can't afford to disappoint my mum, can't afford to let my dream vanish away. Fundamentally, these reasons being the thrust to me. Yet, i'm so stress.

The statement of the day

The more thrusts that i gain, the more forces that press onto me.

4.16am : playing with my CRP computer.


- PPL examination -

Just get started with my study, well it's a tough course. Even since the first day of class, i had been stressed up myself, study from day to night. The class starts at 7.15am usually, eventually might be earlier than that, so gotta get up from my bed by around 5am. Stay at the Airport for whole day. Once get back to apartment, without wasting the time, have to do the revision till late at night. The school training is strict in discipline and i'm isolated from the outside. "Jail" in the apartment until i pass the PPL examination and this is the rule. The exam gonna start by 16 dec 2008.Hmm... It's the time to push up the throttle to maximum. There are lot of subjects that i need to cover up. Air law, meteorology, aircraft general, navigation, RTT and etc. I have never been so hardworking as now. I'm changing , improving myself to the better one. You will see the different part of andrew .
Good luck to me ~ PPL


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

- de first day -

The very first day of school~ so exciting, i'm back to school!! As the first day of school, we have alot of activities, we get a tour over the airport, Control Tower, and AFRS department.

de group


in de class

shafiq . fuz

kimi . ismail

self- introduction

de officer who incharge of the airport
-giving information regards the airport-

departure hall

-control tower-

welcome to

de controller

de runway

Sultan Ismail Petra Airport

- airport fire & rescue service -

de officer

he is trying to convince us not to worry if have any accident during flying due to his superb & efficient rescue experience


giving information

de rescue truck

de gang


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

- memorable haircut -

About 10pm something, the instructors suddenly come to our apartment and make a role call. Wth? !! He screws us up, talks about the discipline, the rules. At last, our hair!! He wants us to make it short, as short as army hair style! Argh... He gives us the equipments and we settle our own. We become the hairstylist !! lolz!!
What a joke.... A cadet pilot becomes a barber.


how enjoy we are

professional pilot
professional barber

the result

shafiq gonna miss his hair badly!!

mr. Philbert Jee

this is the day, 2.24 A.M


- welcome to APFT -

This morning, 9am i gotta report myself @ the airport there. All my coursemates are there d.

welcome to
Sultan Ismail Petra Airport

the airport main hall


dad n mum

After report ourselves, we have been asked to go back to de Hotel For ceremony.

~moving moving~

Ridel hotel
- de place where i'm goin to stay @ -

batch 21/08


After the ceremony , we are asked to get back to our apartment, and in my apartment, total is 6 persons. it's a big apartment, big room and important is, it has the nice view!

taken from apartment

So, after settle down, we all go to Tesco to buy whatever we need in the new house. Damn lots of thing to buy. Hectic~!!!
cashier counter seperates into male & female

our goods

my housemates

Gotta prepare myself back to study

gambateh !!


Monday, November 24, 2008

- goodbye KL -

Well, I'm leaving to Kota Bahru today. My parent will goin with me. And we start the journey by 10am morning. Sleepy ~

After we have our breakfast, we start to move. From KL to Kuantan , to Kuala Terengganu and lastly, de final destination, Kota Bahru, Sultan Ismail Petra Airport.
It takes about 9 hours to there. Quite tiring...

de vehicle~

i'm moving

the very last cam whore

Needless to say, sitting in the car for sure will be damn boring. So what am i gonna do to kill de boredom? DRAMA ~

watch drama in the Car

passing by Terengganu

industrial Area

Reached @ there about 10pm, and rent the hotel just right opposite to the airport for a night. Tomorrow 9am gotta report myself @ de airport. Have a good rest now ~

Goodbye KL,
Goodbye Everyone,
Welcome to new life
Kota Bahru